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5 Shows That Had ‘Gangs’ Morphing Into ‘Heroes’ Like Seen In Black Widows And Churails

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February 23, 2021

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While we disgust their action, these gangs proved their heroism in the climax. From LSD’s intern gang to Black Widow’s superwomen, a look at how they transform into heroes.

No genre has fascinated the audience as much as the crime thrillers. While movie buffs love these stories of crime families and mobs, there’s nothing more alluring than a perfect gang that becomes the soul of the film or a show. And the new wave of content has treated the audience with many exciting stories revolving around a ‘gang’. Similarly, following the trend, ZEE5 has an array of quality-oriented dramas revolving around a mob of heroes.

While some stories are sensational, the others are more realistic. Though these stories have different settings, the binding similarity between them is the evolution of characters. These stories have entertained the viewers and have also left a great mark on the minds of the audience. So, here’s taking a look at some ZEE5 originals that made us witness an epic journey of a gang as they evolved into real heroes of the story.

LSD: Love Scandal And Doctors

A still from Love Scandal And Doctors
Source: ZEE5

This medical thriller begins with a group of interns covering up their heinous act. And throughout this episodic saga, we believe them to be the real culprit of the murder mystery. Ishaan, Vikram, Sara, Kabir, and Rahima are the interns in the spotlight here. However, as the story paces further, we see their good side and feel empathy for them.

This gang sets on a journey to reveal the real truth behind the murder mystery, exposing the unethical medical practices in a renowned hospital eventually becoming the heroes of the story.

Black Widows

A still from Black Widows
Source: ZEE5

Suffering from their abusive marriages, Veera, Jayati, and Kavita forge a plan to seek revenge from their husbands. From typical housewives, they morph themselves into superwomen of this story as they create a master plan to live a happy life. With their exceptional minds, they stay a step ahead of the law during their husbands’ death investigation. Throughout the story, they realize their self-worth and set out for a journey of redemption. 

Dark 7 white

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: ZEE5

In Dark 7 White, this gang of students is driven by a sense of power. In order to achieve their political dreams, they frame plans against each other. However, during the hard times, they reunite and fight against the wrong. Here, we can highlight two gangs, one of Kush, Neelakshi, Yogesh, Greshma, and Samsher as they try to trap Yudhveer Singh.

But the one that morphs into heroes is the other gang i.e the duo of Abhimanyu and Daisy who surprise us with an unexpected ending as they change the equations of the story.


A still from Yaara
Source: ZEE5

Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Yaara is a gang story that revolves around four orphans who rise through the world of crime but further fight against political propaganda. The gang includes Phagun, Mitwa, Rizwan, and Bahadur as they change their lives for good. From wanted criminals to be in the good books, their life stories are inspiring.

However, one twist in the pre-climax gets them back on their previous track as they fight against the wrong elements of society.


Source: ZEE5

Four women Sara, Jugnu, Batool, and Zubeida belong to different social backgrounds. Their life stories are different but they all are suffering from the cons of a patriarchal society. A series of events bring them together as they form a secret agency that grows exponentially bringing all the women together. In this thrilling saga, harsh realities come to light, and this gang of ‘Churails’ shines out as heroes.

So that was the list of movies and shows where we witnessed an epic transformation of gangs into heroes.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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