5 Scenes In Ram Pothineni’s Pandaga Chesko Where Sonal Chauhan Stole The Show

Sneha Bale

July 17, 2019


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1. The Girl In Charge


Bollywood beauty Sonal Chauhan made a stunning impression with her screen presence, as Sweety, in the 2015 film Pandaga Chesko which also stars Ram Pothineni (Kartik) and Rakul Preet Singh (Divya). Although she plays second to lead role, Sonal owns the show where she can and we’re totally digging it.

Soon after the introduction, she makes Kartik her fiance and the rest… well that is an interesting tale. At one point, Kartik leaves without informing her beforehand and she says: “Everything that I call mine, must be in my control. Business or husband!” As he prepares to leave, she adds: “You can forget your breakfast but don’t forget to call me.”

2. Relationships? What?


When she visits India without informing Kartik, Sweety is all set to take everyone by surprise. Kartik’s mother fearfully introduces her to the rest of the family. “That’s my brother and your babai,” she says and Sweety responds saying: “Make sure the arrangements are on point.” The attitude, that’s what is on point.

3. The Mystery Behind The ‘Real Bride’


In order to avoid confusion and drama, Kartik confuses Sweety. Sweety believes she is in India to marry Kartik while everyone else is busy preparing for Kartik and Divya’s wedding. Smartly, Kartik tells Sweety that she is the todu pelli kuthuru (maid of honour) and translates it for her as ‘the real bride’. Poor Sweety buys into the story and celebrates her new tag.

4. Kiss Of Confusion


Sweety is happy to see her husband-to-be since she is the ‘real bride’. But this one gesture of love creates a ruckus in the house. How does she handle it? With some more sweetness and wide smiles. Cute, ain’t it?

5. Rowdy? A Girl? Take This


The whole reason behind marrying Kartik in a rush was because she wants to inherit the property worth Rs 3,000 crore, which she couldn’t if she wasn’t married. Sweety has 15 minutes to meet the deadline and is among a bunch of goons. What does she do? Take control of the situation. Sweety blackmails one of the goons by pointing the gun towards him and tells him to marry her. Now that’s a smooth move.

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