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5 Reasons Churails Should Be On Your Watchlist If You Are A Feminist

Kenneth Carneiro

June 28, 2021

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This revolutionary story of four women from Karachi who start their own detective agency is grabbing attention across borders, read on to know why.

Churails has been hailed as the modern feminist story that is grabbing attention for it’s unique subject. The series is set in Karachi and tells the story of four women Batool, Jugnoo, Sara and Zubeida who start a detective agency to take down abusive husbands and get justice for the women. Yasra Rizvi, Nirma Bucha, Sarwat Gilani Mirza, Meher Bano protray strong female characters, the likes of which are not often seen on our screens. Here’s why this modern women-centric story, which is also a gripping thriller, should definitely be on your watchlist.

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Reclaiming the ‘c-word’ – The word Churail has been used to discredit women for generations. Women who have dared to go against the norms of society. This series reclaims this word by showing women who proudly own the tag of Churails. The series also depicts the burqa as a symbol of power instead of oppression and control.

Revolutionary story – This series is a revolutionary story of sisterhood and female friendships for this generation. It brings together a story of women from all strata of society, supporting each other and sticking together despite all the flaws.

Inclusive cast – Apart from the leading cast, the series brings together a motley crew of characters. After opening their detective agency, the four women hire women and transgender people who are waiting for a chance to get financial independence.

Real Characters – The show doesn’t show the women as extraordinary heroes. Instead it portrays each one with their own unique flaws and quirks. With Zubeida’s anger issues or Jugnoo’s alcholoism, these are fully fleshed out characters that everyone relate to.

Ally Director – The Oscar nominated director Asim Abbasi is a vocal ally for more women centric stories on screen. He also vouches for showing women in is powerful roles.

Watch the first episode of Churails streaming for free on ZEE5.

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