5 Plot Twists In The ZEE5 Original Hawala That You Have To Watch Out For

Sneha Bale

December 2, 2019


1 min

1. The end that did not begin well

The ZEE5 original series, Hawala, is here to give you the entertainment that you need. It’s gripping and engaging in a way that you wouldn’t want to blink and miss. The plot, although a crime-thriller, is filled with twists and turns that take you by surprise. We list down our top 5. Take a look.

Watch the first episode here:

The mini-series opens with the protagonist talking about his victory over the last ball. Well, that’s one game that ended well. But as the wise once said, ‘all’s well that ends well’. But in Karan’s case, it wasn’t so. His biggest victory turned out to be his biggest loss.

2. The eavesdrop

The reason for Karan’s biggest loss was a knife and a chewing gum. Wondering how? Well, there’s a reason people say even walls have ears. And we are constantly surrounded by people.

3. (Mis)Information

We’re all going gaga over the technological advancements. But it can only take you so far! Karan and his hacker girlfriend, too, follow the tracker but find nothing. Why? Good question! It’s best watched than said.

4. Playing the player

At one point, Karan finds out that Guna has stolen his money. But he knows how to get it back. When was kicked out of his own game, he decided to get back inside and make sure everyone knows who the real player is.

5. Running around the bush

The best part of the show is its climax. Just when you think Karan and Vani have lost the game, they win it. And just when you think Guna and Nisha will make it worse… well… find out what happens here.

Watch the show here. If you are looking for something new, find Gods of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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