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#5 Nivin Pauly Moments We All Loved In The Malayalam Movie Moothon

Tom Francis

August 2, 2020

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Check out these #5 phenomenal moments from Nivin Pauly in Malayalam movie Moothon

Geetu Mohandas’s Moothon features an amazing on-screen performance by Malayalam film industry’s all-time favourite actor Nivin Pauly. Known for his romantic roles in movies like Thattathin Marayathu and Premam, Nivin Pauly dons a new avatar as Akbar in Moothon. He showcases his acting versatility by essaying two phases in his character Akbar’s life. For everyone who loved Akbar in Moothon, here are the #5 best moments by Nivin Pauly in the Malayalam movie for a re-watch!

Missed out on the Malayalam movie Moothon starring Nivin Pauly and Sobhita Dhulipala? Watch it here:

#1 Mumbai’s Akbar Bhai

Nivin Pauly from Moothon (Source;ZEE5)
Nivin Pauly as Akbar Bhai in Moothon (Source; ZEE5)

Akbar Bhai’s introduction in the movie surprises us all as we see Nivin in a rugged look for the first time. Through Mulla’s journey, we learn that Bhai controls the dark underworld of Mumbai. Only when we get to see Akbar we believe in the hype around his character. Mulla is taken aback by the monstrous dark energy surrounding his brother and his brother’s minions.

#2 Mulla’s Moothon

Akbar Bhai in all his might from Moothon (source:ZEE5)
Akbar Bhai in all his might from Moothon (source: ZEE5)

One of the best scenes by Nivin in Moothon is when Mulla – his brother in the movie, narrates stories of Akbar Bhai’s past to him. Bhai realises that Mulla is actually searching for his old self in him – someone who he isn’t anymore since the time he ran away from the island. Although, Bhai is haunted by the danger he poses to Mulla, and always worries about saving him. After all, he still has a soft corner for his brother.

#3 Ameer’s Love

Nivin Pauly from Moothon
Nivin Pauly showcases his versatile acting skills in Moothon (Source: ZEE5)

Mulla’s search reminds Bhai of his past life on the island. He remembers all their beautiful rituals and his lover Ameer. When Akbar understands of Ameer’s love for him, he finally starts to accept himself. In one such scene, Akbar is seen looking in the mirror and smiling from the bottom of his heart to himself. We all were left amused by Nivin’s sudden transformation from Bhai to Akbar in Moothon and the scene truly touched all our hearts.

#4 Wake Up The Monster

A still from Moothon
Akbar tells Mulla about his life in Mumbai (Source: ZEE5)

Mulla confronts a drugged-out Bhai who is unable to focus on their conversation. Nivin amazed us in this scene as he starts telling Mulla about his life as a gangster in Mumbai. We were definitely scared when Bhai explained his origins to Mulla. This scene by Nivin in the movie is what surprised all of us who are used to seeing him playing romantic roles otherwise.

#5 Akbar’s Past  

Akbar revisits his past as the islander (source:ZEE5)
Akbar revisits his past as the islander (source: ZEE5)

For the audience who got scared by Bhai’s ruthlessness in Mumbai, Akbar’s past comes as a blessing. Nivin showcases his versatility in acting as he easily transforms into the fun-loving islander. Here, Akbar is loved by all and is also a family man who enjoys the sea. So, which was your favourite moment in Moothon by Nivin Pauly? Tell us in the comments below!

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