5 Flawless Scenes Of Manjari Fadnis In The ZEE5 Original Barot House That’re Emotional

Parinika Uchil

October 25, 2019

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1. Bhavana State Of Mind Upon Finding Her Daughter's Dead Body

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Written by Sanjeev K Jha and directed by Bugs Bhargava, the ZEE5 Original film Barot House is an edge-of-the-seat psychological-thriller based on real-life incidents. Starring Amit Sadh, Manjari Fadnis, Aaryan Menghji, Kierra Soni and Kishaa Arora as Amit, Bhavana, Malhar, Shreya and Shruti Barot respectively.

The story revolves around the murders of Shruti and Shreya, the daughters of Amit and Bhavana Barot. While the police suspect everyone, you will be shocked to know the real murderer in the end if you still haven’t watched the film. If you have we would like to refresh your memory, check out these brilliant scenes actress Manjari Fadnis has depicted as a young mother. In one word, she is ‘FLAWLESS’ and most of her emotions were 100% raw.

Starting with this scene when the body of her daughter Shreya has recovered from the graveyard next door. From the second she learnt of the heinous act, Bhavana Barot, is shattered as she carries the cold body of her daughter back to her house. The way Manjari has dealt with this scene and the next is absolutely commendable. Keep scrolling…

2. Pretending That All Is Okay

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This is a basic human tendency that we all go through when we lose someone dear. We reject the hurt and pretend for some time, just a while, that the person we loved is still with us. Looking at this picture, it clearly shows how will Manjari has played the role of Bhavana, who wasn’t able to believe that her daughter was truly gone and pretended that she is sleeping.

3. The Second Big Shocker

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Bhavana wasn’t even out of her first shock when another ghastly incident occurs in her house. Her second daughter Shruti is pushed from the terrace and she falls to her death. In scene this, Bhavana goes into denial and doesn’t know whether she should laugh or cry at this situation. What Manjari must have gone through to do the scene shows in the emotional way she has carried out this particular scene.

4. The Blame Game

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Despite Amit sending their son to juvenile care, Malhar deviously works his way to be set free and indirectly blame everything on his father. This is the time when Bhavana is told by the police of the drawings that Malhar has made which show the gruesome killings of the children and the neighbour’s dog. The shock on her face reveals a lot don’t you think?

5. When The Blasted Truth Flashes Across Bhavana's Face

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The last scene is the most dreaded and we mean it literally when Bhavana who is drying clothes spots her son taking her newborn child towards the well. While initially, she doesn’t think much of it, soon, a turn of shocking events takes place. No mother can imagine losing one child, imagine Manjari Fadnis’s character Bhavana Barot lost three children and the child remaining was an evil progeny.

While the movie ends with a note that Amit and Bhavana later adopted three girls and named them Shruti, Shreya and Sneha, but the film leaves us with nothing but dread and chills.

Which scene of Manjari did you love more? Do let us know in the comments box provided below.

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