5 Facts About Birthday Boy Sandalwood Actor Vasishta Simha That Only His Fans Will Know

The leading supporting star of Sandalwood, Vasishta Simha, turns 31 today. Here are some unknown facts about him

Parinika Uchil

October 19, 2019


3 min


Say Happy Birthday to the handsome star Vasishta N Simha. The actor, who is primarily known for his antagonist roles, turns 31 today. From Mufti to KGF: Chapter 1 to 8MM Bullet, you can clearly see how he has grown exponentially. Born in Hassan, Vasishta had a different career path until he decided to take the reigns of his fate in his own hands and step into the world of acting.

Even then, it wasn’t like Vasishta’s change of career was easy. With many unfinished projects, he finally got an opportunity to showcase his skills to the entire Sandalwood in 2013. Today on his birthday, we would like to bring to you five lesser-known facts that you will know for sure if you are a fan of this actor.

1. Vasishta Simha is a software engineer by education, who decided to become an actor in 2011 

2. Apart from honing his acting skills, Vasistha has also dwelled into the singing and dubbing industries respectively

3. At this point, Vasishta can be considered the ‘busiest’ supporting actor in Sandalwood

4. Before his debut in the 2013 film Arya’s Love, Vasistha had done a movie called Hubbali Hudugaru, but unfortunately, it never released 

5. His breakthrough, however, would come later with his antagonist role in the film Raja Huli 

Did you know these five facts about the birthday star? Don’t forget to wish him on his birthday today, in the comments box given below.

If you are a fan of the Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh, watch his latest release on ZEE5, Premier Padmini, to keep the entertainment going.

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