4 Reasons Why We All Need A Man Like Debdeep In Our Lives

Promita Mukherjee

January 8, 2020


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1. He’s supportive

Ever since he entered the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha, Debdeep Sen (played by Indrajit Chakrabarty) has been one enduring presence who has slowly made his way into our hearts. And if we go by the recent turn of events, despite all her love for Jash (played by Suman Dey), Shabnam (played by Manali Dey) has told Debdeep, “you are incredible” and has confessed that he has made a place for himself in her heart. And can we blame her? Given the perfect gentleman that he has been right from the time he rescued an unconscious Shabnam from a beachside where he had gone for a holiday with his parents? Here are a few reasons why we all need a man like Debdeep in our lives.

Debdeep is supportive. Right from the time when Shabnam needed medical help to the time when she regained her memory and faced her past and heartbreak with Jash marrying Rohini once again and now through the court case, Debdeep has always been at Shabnam’s side. A lot of these times he has been personally insulted by Jash and Rohini and even Ranjhapishi, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying by Shabnam’s side. Watch Nakshi Kantha below to stay updated.

2. He’s a man of his word

Even though Debdeep fell in love with Shabnam and he and his parents convinced Aparajita aka Shabnam to marry Debdeep, he had promised to Shabnam that if she remembered her past and if there was someone special he would personally take Shabnam to him. And he did that. When Shabnam got her memory back at the time of sindoor daan, he drove Shabnam all the way to Jash’s house and thereafter to Rohini’s house, only to find that Jash was getting married to Rohini.

3. He’s not afraid to show his love

Even though Debdeep’s parents had tried hard, they had never managed to convince their son, an NRI doctor, to get married. However, he fell in love with Shabnam and was not afraid to reveal his love. Even when Shabnam got his memory back and told him about Jash, Debdeep nursed his wounds silently and stayed by Shabnam’s side, showing that love is not always about getting who you want.

4. He’s not insecure

Jash has always been insecure about Shabnam. He has always been suspicious even about Rahulda, who considers Shabnam as a sister. But even though Shabnam told Debdeep that she will probably never be able to completely love her, he confessed that he is not an insecure person. Despite everything, Debdeep has proved that he doesn’t have an ounce of jealousy.

What do you think are the other qualities that make Debdeep such a nice person? Let us know in the comments section below.

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