4 most inspiring episodes from Didi No. 1 Season 8 that will uplift and entertain you

Watch these episodes and take a cue from these remarkable ladies who will be sure to encourage you with their powerful stories!


October 6, 2020


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Didi No. 1, the popular Bengali reality show hosted by actor Rachna Banerjee, is not only supremely entertaining because of the diverse contestants who take part in it, but is also very inspiring! The guests and participants on the show don’t just play exciting games and complete interesting challenges which are great fun to watch, they also share their stories and tell us about how they achieved their goals and overcame different hurdles in their own lives. Here are some episodes from Didi No. 1 Season 8 that are bound to inspire you!

1. Empower yourself

In this episode, Rachna Banerjee speaks about self-empowerment and welcomes Rina, Shuborna, Arpita and Geetanjali to the show. These ladies share their success stories with Rachna and really open up to her. They also participate in the challenges set up for them in Didi No. 1.

2. Self-made stars

Watch this special episode where Rachna Banerjee invites contestants Megha Pal from Rajarhat, Jhumki Das from Beleghata, Aparajita Ghosh from Newtown, and Papia Kundu from Baranagar. They share stories of their life struggles, how they managed to overcome them, and how they became successful. What is even more inspiring is that these women are people just like us! This makes it even more realistic and easy to relate.

3. Actors’ stories

In this star-studded episode, Rachna Banerjee welcomes actors Soumili Biswas, Ushasi Ray, Rii Sen, and Shreema Bhattacharjee, who share stories of their acting career and how they spent the days of complete lockdown. They also sing and dance together, and have a blast on Didi No. 1! Tune in and join them right now!


In this episode from Didi No. 1, Rachna Banerjee invites Hrisha Chaudhury, Chintamani Kumar, Rakhi Mitra and Mriduchanda Chaudhury to participate in the show. These ladies come from different backgrounds and share their life stories while participating in various games. Don’t miss it!

Which of these episodes from Didi No. 1 Season 8 did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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