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30 Questions With Nia Sharma Where She Gets Candid About Love, Life And Ravi Dubey Being The Best Kisser!

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February 27, 2021

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Jamai 2.0 actor made some interesting revelations about her professional as well as her personal life in an exclusive interview. Yes, she also elaborated on her ‘best kisser tag’ given to Ravi Dubey.

The buzz around Jamai 2.0 season 2 is high all across the entertainment world. While fans are eager to watch this twisted tale of romance, the trailers and promos hint at a load of surprises stored in for them. From the trailers and teasers, we can say that Nia Sharma’s character of Roshini will have an interesting story arc in the story. And ahead of Jamai 2.0’s release, the actor got engaged in a rapid-fire segment revealing interesting experiences about her life. Read on to know more.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

In a very clear and concise manner, Nia Sharma answered, “I am very much a night person”.

Tea or Coffee?

The actor without any doubt opted for black coffee.

Gym or Yoga?

Admitting to her failed fitness sessions, Nia revealed that as of now she’s neither doing yoga nor is she exercising in the gym. She further added, “I do wanna keep myself fit but I’m failing at it big time. But if given a choice, I would opt for functional training.”

What was the last thing that you bought under Rs 100?

Having a quite funny take on this question, Nia answered “a chewing gum”.

Last time you used public transport?

Nia stated that if flights are included in the “public transport” then she did travel to Himachal Pradesh just ten days ago.

One thing you never leave home without?

The actor revealed that she would never leave her home without a phone and her car keys. When asked about a mask, Nia stated that she carries a mask without fail in her bag. But the one thing that she would definitely not miss is her phone.

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One thing that makes you angry?

Nia answered, “A lot of things make me angry, I have calmed down a lot in life. But lies, lying through your teeth is something you should never do.”

One bad habit of yours that no one knows about?

Being quite candid and real, Nia said that she doesn’t have any good habits. Talking about her bad habit she revealed, “I can easily get irked and I cuss a lot.”

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What was the last lie that you said?

Nia said that she doesn’t usually lie until the situation demands so. She shared, “Probably while going to a friend’s house I would have lied to my mother.” Nia also added that she is quite strict when it comes to keeping someone waiting and she won’t ever lie to the person. “I am very real about those things,” she said.

What is your cheat meal like?

The actor revealed that she never prefers “good meals” and she’s quite into “cheat meals” only. There’s not a single time when I’m eating something nice (healthy) even if I want to. But I end up eating out of boredom, I have a compulsive habit of eating, munching. So, if you don’t stop me I’ll just keep on having it.”

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The best and worst comment you’ve received on social media?

Stating the best comment, Nia revealed, “No one slays it like you” as the flattering comments she receives from her fans. She also went on to add the troll gang who keep on letting her down, but it doesn’t matter much to her.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Nia shared her wishlist saying, “I am yet to go to those favourite destinations. I want to go to the Gold Coast, I want to be in Miami.”

In a relationship, I will never _?

“Cheat,” answered Nia.

Love according to you is _?

Love is blind, difficult to find, hard to get, difficult to forget,” answered Nia revealing that she’d read the same in her childhood.

Life in one word?

She answered “Complicated”.

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Your favourite superhero?

The actor stated, “I don’t believe in superheroes but I like Thor. He is full of flaws and it is a flawed character that feels more relatable than a superhero.”

Weird things you’ve searched on Google?

She funnily answered that she often uses Google to search her own name. Later adding to the silly things she has searched so far, Nia revealed, “Does black coffee make you bloated?” and “Do eating chips make you fat?” 

The strangest rumour you have heard about yourself?

To answer this, Nia stated how people perceive her based on her social media profile. She funnily added that people believe that’s she has no sense of fashion or many times they judge her based on her clothes. She revealed, “I like to wear quirky outfits, there’s no fun in wearing simple clothes and then share it online.”

Your biggest regret?

Nia answered, “I don’t think I need to regret anything. But those were the moments that made me strong and are the reasons behind my success. So I feel fine about everything.”

One thing you are guilty of?

I am guilty of “eating” Neha answered

Texting Or Talking?

Nia prefers texting as she said, “I get bored talking on phone, the only person I talk to on phone is of course my boyfriend.”

Money Or Love?

“Money, love will follow,” Nia answered.

Beach Or Mountains?

“Beach any day,” the actor answered citing the fact that “pictures are perfect” near beaches.

Ravi Dubey Or Achint Kaur?

Nia found herself in a bit of confusion as she stated, “Ravi can’t be compared, I have known him for last seven years. And Achint, whenever I meet her, we bond on different levels. Comparing both, I have been with Ravi more so Ravi.”

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How was working amid the pandemic?

Nia answered, “I have been working continuously since the time lockdown was lifted. I was completing my show Naagin, working in Khatron Ke Khiladi, and then I got offered Jamai. Proper precautions were taken and nothing else was different on the sets.

The most challenging scene in Jamai 2.0?

“I have worked so much that there’s not a single moment that has made me worried. But challenges are yet to come where I’ll have to study more and get on with it quite thoroughly,” Nia stated.

Any memorable dialogue from Jamai 2.0?

Nia shared an important dialogue of hers from season 2 which she loved the most. The dialogue goes as “I really love a man I may lose” which is the gist of the story and of her character Roshni.

Anecdotes from Jamai 2.0?

Nia shared the memories from the sets of the show. She said, “Working with Ravi is always fun. He keeps playing pranks on the sets. Shooting for Jami has been like a paid holiday to me and it was a great ride for me. I would love to come back again and again.”

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One thing you love about Ravi?

“The one thing about Ravi that will irritate you and will also make you respect him more is that he’s lost in his own world. He’s never at ease, he might be planning for his future projects, so there’s a lot to learn from him,” Nia answered stating him as one of the inspiring actors on the sets.

Also adding to her “best kisser” tag for Ravi, Nia said, “Ravi is indeed the best kisser and why would I tell him even if it was not good, who am I to judge him.” Further, she revealed that “It was an underwater kiss.”

Three Reasons To Watch Jamai 2.0 Season 2?

Taking it in a more fun way and highlighting the fuss around her best kisser tag Nia said, “Firstly because Ravi is the great kisser. Adding further reasons, she told, “The show is shot on a grand level, the story is slightly better than the first season. We have shot on many amazing locations.”

For those unaware, Nia will be essaying the role of Roshni in Jamai 2,0 season 2. The show also features Ravi Dubey, Achint Kaur, and Priya Banerjee in the main roles.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.




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