17 Rare Behind-The-Scene Photos From The ZEE5 Original Series Karenjit Kaur

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April 3, 2019

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The Restaurant Scene

Source: ZEE5

The ZEE5 Original Series Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone, as the name suggests talks about the life of Karenjit Kaur Vohra, aka Sunny Leone. After beginning her career as an adult entertainment actress, there was no looking back to the success that followed. But before we dwell into her life on an extensive scale, let’s first take a look at some unseen behind-the-scenes shenanigans that the cast and crew experienced during the shoot of the show.

Dining With Her On-Screen Family

Source: ZEE5

The supporting cast, who have played Karenjit’s family, have done exceptionally well in their respective roles. They all have delivered a fabulous performance in front of the camera.

Daniel Webber’s Replacement On-Screen Is A Dashing Young Man

Source: ZEE5

The stud-like Marc Buckner has done a fabulous job in playing Daniel Webber, Sunny’s real-life husband and manager.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra Aka Sunny Leone And Marc Buckner’s Amazing On-Screen Chemistry

Source: ZEE5

In real life, when Karen was struggling to gain societal acceptance for the profession she chose and at the same time had to deal with her mother’s health, Daniel came into her life as a blessing. The emotions portrayed by Marc onscreen are ridiculously awesome, because for a while I was confused if he actually was Daniel Webber or not!

The Different Shades Of The Adult Entertainment Industry

Source: ZEE5

While things might sound glamorous from the outside, Sunny revealed in an interview that ‘It takes nerves of steel to come out openly about what you do’. And sometimes things don’t go the way we plan it (Watch the series to know what I mean!)

The Quirky Side Of Sunny

Source: ZEE5

A rare pic indeed, where Sunny can be seen as her quirky self. Her eyes are screaming ‘prankster’, don’t you feel?

Smile Like You Mean It

Source: ZEE5

Sunny Leone shows off her pearlies while in-between shoots and does she look awesome or what?! More importantly, I feel she looks very young compared to her age, some would even say in her teens probably!

Smiling Is The Best Therapy To Soothe The Soul

Source: ZEE5

While Sunny looks like she is forcing a smile on her face, it is actually important to keep exercising your face muscles. In a way, you might actually end up feeling good on the not-so-good days. What say?

Marc Buckner And The Gorgeous Sunny Leone On A Superbike Will Make Your Day

Source: ZEE5

Looking at these two so comfortable on that stellar sports bike, don’t you feel like going on a long bike ride?

When Sunny Played Wednesday Addams From Addams Family For Halloween

Source: ZEE5

On the show Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone, there was a Halloween episode in which Sunny played the prominent character of Wednesday Addams, from the famous show The Addams Family! In my opinion, she looked perfect for that character. What do you think?

When Sunny’s Mother Starts Losing Health

Source: ZEE5

The best thing about Sunny was that she was by her mother’s side during her low-days. This scene speaks a thousand words.

A Lovely Family Still Of Sunny And The On-Screen Vohras

Source: ZEE5

What a beautiful picture this is! The whole Vohra family on the show look at peace here. A ‘picture-perfect‘ moment don’t you think?

A Second Picture-Perfect Moment On The Sets. Can You Spot The Pizza Box In There?

Source: ZEE5

The cast and the crew enjoy a fun moment in between the shoot of Karenjit Kaur.

Sunny And Sundeep In The Same Picture

Source: ZEE5

Playing her on-screen brother in the original series is Karam Vir Lamba. A brilliant actor for a newbie, who has displayed an amazing sibling-bond with Karenjit Kaur Vohra aka Sunny Leone.

Daniel Webber Was By Sunny’s Side During The Whole Shoot

Source: ZEE5

Sunny’s all-time rock-support after her brother is her real-life husband Daniel Webber. The couple, who are parents to three lovely children, have stood by each other from a long time and it shows! Daniel was by her side throughout the shoot and was a proud husband, we are sure.

The Beautiful On-Screen Balwant Singh Vohra And The Little Sunny Leone Aka Rysa Saujani

Source: ZEE5

A beautiful picture of the younger Sunny Leone played by the talented Rysa Saujani along with the experienced Grusha Kapoor aka Balwant Singh Vohra. How lovely they look!

Season 3 Is Nearing And We Can’t Be More Excited

Source: ZEE5

While the last season of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone left us with an emotional moment, here’s hoping things got better from the brave and talented Karenjit in Season 3.

If you still haven’t watched the Season 1 and Season 2 of the show, stream it on ZEE5 right away!

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