15 EXCLUSIVE Stills From This Weekend’s Episode Of Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2

Parinika Uchil

November 2, 2019

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As Always The Dazzling Hostess Anushree In Her Dazzling Outfit Welcomes Everyone

Source: ZEE5

Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2 returned to TV last week with the Deepavali special where the contestants had to dance with another team’s member. With an interesting mix of jodis, we are back to the original pairs this weekend and the pics are awesome.

We have said time and again that hostess Anushree is the best anchor there can ever be because she is super relatable, funny and keeps the audience entertained thoroughly. We are sure this weekend will be no different. Also, check out that awesome dress she is sporting.

Chandrashekhar Siddi From Comedy Khiladigalu Season 3 Will Be Present Too

Source: ZEE5

The simple man from the small village of Yellapur in Karnataka, Chandrashekhar Siddi came to the comedy show Comedy Khiladigalu Season 3 to display his comic side. From the minute he stepped foot on stage for his auditions till now, his fans are only increasing. Let’s see what he is cooking up this weekend on DKDFW2.

Who Are These Ladies Around Arjun Janya Ji?

Source: ZEE5

Arjun Janya looks confident dancing to the tunes of these two ladies. But the real question is where is Anushree and who are they? Find out this weekend.

Yes! Anushree Is Right On Point…

Source: ZEE5

Anushree’s annoyed expression for Arjun’s dance with the ladies clearly says it all. Will the music mantrika make it up to the sweet hostess Anushree? Keep scrolling to find out…

Ashok And Bhavani From Aathma Bandhana Dance As Egyptians

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in these wonderful white, blue and gold costumes, Ashok and Bhavani from the show Aathama Bandhana, which went off the air last month, seem to be in their dance element in this picture.

Tiny Tots Anoop And Dimpanna Were Up Next

Source: ZEE5

Both the ex-contestants from Drama Juniors look like they are tiny Michael Jacksons. Will they get a ‘Fire Brand Performance’? We’ll find out shortly, stay tuned.

Hanumantha Looks Like The Hero Of A Film Alongside His Heroine Shiny

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in a colourful outfit, Hanumantha isn’t showing any nervousness in this picture which means that for this performance with his Sa Re Ga Ma Pa co-contestant Shiny, he brought the steam on the stage. Full marks or not, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Tejas And Pranathi Look Like Earth Warriors For Their Next Performance

Source: ZEE5

Dressed up as trees, Tejas from the show Kamali and Pranathi from the show Bramhagantu look amazing just like earth warriors in this picture. Wonder which song they will choose to perform on…

Prekshith And Anwisha Celebrate Karnataka Rajyothsava Through Their Performance

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in the colours of the Karnataka flag (Yellow and Red), Drama Juniors contestants Prekshith and Anwisha definitely look like they are performing for the ‘Fire Brand Performance’. Whether it happens or not, we’ll have to watch the episodes this weekend to find out.

Did You Notice Something Special About Preethu And Anika’s Picture?

Source: ZEE5

Unlike their previous performances, Preethu from Paaru and Anika from the show Kamali have a different body language in this dance. You see till date their dances with all aggressive and fast but for a change, it looks like this act will be a romantic one. Why else would Anika be blushing?

The Special Jodi Of This Season Alaap And Jnana Seem To Be In Coordination

Source: ZEE5

Even though they are the special contestants, Drama Juniors contestant Alaap and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Contestant Jnana are complete entertainers. You can’t help but go ‘awww’ for them when they are on stage. Unlike the usual performances this time, they both look like they are in-sync.

A Unique Aerial Performance By Soorya And Hiranmayi

Source: ZEE5

Zee Kannada’s Mahadevi, which recently went off-air, produced two wonderful actors, the lead duo Soorya and Hiranmayi. But did you know that they are exceptional dancers too? Willing to take any kind of risk to get that ‘Fire Brand Performance’? This photo is perfect proof. Let’s see what they are up to this weekend.

Arjun Janya Ji’s Time To Make Up To Anushree For What He Did Earlier

Source: ZEE5

Obviously, Arjun Janya had to make up for dancing with two women, who are not his wife neither was any of them Anushree. This dance using Soorya and Hiranmayi’s dance backdrop was the perfect way to make it up to the loyal Anushree.

Vikranth Vashishta And Adithi Manjunath Are Up to Something Sensuous This Weekend

Source: ZEE5

Using water and a specially prepared set, Vicky and Adithi from the superhit show Gattimela seem to be giving us a visual treat this weekend. This pic is proof enough that their act is going to be super romantic.

Suraj And Minchu Present To Us An Ancient Story In The Form Of Humour And Dance

Source: ZEE5

Like a power-packed show, Suraj and Minchu will be taking us to the time of the ‘Draupadi Vastraharan’ and will be adding some comedy and dance to it. Who else wants them to get the ‘Fire Brand Performance’ for this attempt? Let us know through the comments section below.

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