11 Stills From Dilli Darlings Finale Where Guddan And Sarla Announce Winners, Deets Inside

Kenneth Carneiro

October 1, 2019


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1. The Dilli Darlings Dance Together To Begin The Finale


Dilli Darlings is drawing to a close this week. And from the stills of the finale episode, they are going out with a blast. The episode opens with a dance performance done by all the Dilli Darlings together. They enjoy the whole star feel with background dancers and a grand stage.

2. Sarla Visits The Dilli Darlings With Guddan


Sarla recently seen as a mother of Preeta and Srishti in Kundali Bhagya meets the Dilli Darlings. Another guest on the finale in Guddan, India’s youngest saas, seen on the TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. Sarla gives out the fun awards to some of the Dilli Darlings before Guddan joins her to announce the real winners of Dilli Darlings.

3. Shaloo Jindal Receives An Award From Sarla


RJ Raunac announces a fun award segment. Sarla gives the awards to the Dilli Darlings starting with Shaloo Jindal who won an award called ‘Kaatil Kapde’ for some of the more outrageous clothing choices she had for every kitty party while sticking to the theme. Manya also goes on stage to collect the award with Shaloo.

4. Reena Mittal Wins An Award Too On The Dilli Darling Finale


Another award distributed that evening was the Gyaani Darling award. This award went to Reena Mittal for her knowledge about the world which we didn’t get to see much of on the show but was always apparent from the calm and dignified manner.

5. Rashmi Sachdeva And Sona Sharma Are Late Lateefs


Rashmi Sachdeva and Sona Sharma were gives awards for being late lateefs. While they showed up in time to collect their award they were known for being late to every kitty party or function organised by the Dilli Darlings.

6. Pooja Is The Most Dildaar Dilli Darling


Pooja Dua won hearts with her honest and friendly approach on Dilli Darlings. She recieved an award for her fun and full of life character as the ‘Sabse Dildaar Darling’ on the show. Here she’s seen posing with her first award of the night.

7. Deepshika Is The Most Talkative Dilli Darling


Deepshika is a fast-talker and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to keep up with her. She got the award ‘Mrs, Unlimited Talktime’ for the most talkative person on the show. While the fun awards segment came to an end the Dilli Darling went back to change for the real award ceremony.

9. Deepshika Lugani Is The Second Runner-up


Deepshika wins the second runner-up on Dilli Darlings’ first season. Deepshika is awarded with a bouquet of flowers which were handed to her by Guddan while Sarla places a crown on her head.

10. Pooja Dua Is The First Runner-Up On Dilli Darlings


In second place we have Pooja Dua, who won the title of second runner up on Dilli Darlings. Pooja Dua receives her crown from ZEETV’s Guddan. She too receives a sash with her title on it along with a crown.

11. Shaloo Jindal Is The Winner Of Dilli Darlings


Shaloo Jindal is crowned the winner of Dilli Darlings. Watch out for her animated expressions and excitement when the episode airs. Here she is seen getting the crown placed on her head as the first winner of Dilli Darlings. How do you feel about the results? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch the finale episode airing this Friday on ZEETV for all the dance, drama and delight. Watch all the episodes of Dilli Darlings, now streaming on ZEE5.

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