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10 Tapori Slangs And Their Meanings To Know Before You Watch Main Hero Boll Raha Hu

Shrudi Shyam

April 19, 2021

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From Time Khoti Mat Kar to Abe Dhakkan, let Parth Samthaan brush up your knowledge on some Tapori slangs used in Mumbai.

Every city has its own lingo, and Mumbai is no different. In fact, the slangs used in Mumbai are so quirky and famous, that it’s actually called ‘Bambaiyya Hindi’ at times. These kind of slangs are pretty relevant in Bollywood as well. ZEE5’s upcoming release, Main Hero Boll Raha Hu revolves around a small-town boy Nawab aka Hero (Parth Samthaan), who desires to be the biggest don of Bombay in the early 90s. As the show premieres tomorrow, let’s take a look at some popular Tapori slangs used in ‘Bombay’.

Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer of Main Hero Boll Raha Hu here:


Khoka is a term you’ll be familiar with if you’ve watched any Hindi gangster film. It means Crore, one Khoka is one crore and so on. In fact, even Lakh has a different term here. It’s called Peti. So if someone asks for 50 Peti, that means they’re asking for Rs 50 Lakhs.

Kharcha Paani

The term Kharcha Paani actually has two meanings. When someone is asking for Kharcha Paani or are offering the same, it means money, in the form of a tip or bribe. Whereas when someone wants to give the other some Kharchaa Paani it means they want to beat someone up.

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Double Battery

You know this term if you’ve watched Raees, from the famous dialogue, “Battery Nai Bolneka”. Double Battery is a term used to call anyone who is wearing spectacles.

Time Khoti Mat Kar

Now, this is something a lot of Mumbaikars say. It simply means that ‘don’t waste my time’.

Pantar Log

Pantar Log is a term that is used interchangeably. It can be used to describe your friends or buddies. Similarly, it’s also used by dons and goons to describe their henchmen.

Parth Samthaan (Main Hero Boll Raha Hu)
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Abe Dhakkan

This term is used when you’re irritated by someone’s stupidity. It simply means ‘you fool’, and is usually followed by terms like ‘Pakaana Band Kar’ (stop bluffing/boring) or ‘Time Khoti Mat Kar’.

Load Nahi Leneka Kya

If you stay in Mumbai or have friends in the city, you might’ve definitely heard this term at least once. It means don’t worry or don’t take tension and is usually followed by a ‘Tera Bhai Hai Na’.

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Shaane means someone who is acting smart. Meanwhile, Dedh-Shaane means someone who is acting over-smart. Either way, this term is used to ridicule the person who thinks they’re too smart.

Lafda Ho Gayaa

This term is used anywhere from colleges in Mumbai to the Underworld of the city. Lafda Ho Gayaa basically means that there’s a problem or there’s an issue that has happened. Usually, in films, this is the time when the Hero has to make quick decisions to solve a problem.

Parth Samthaan (Main Hero Boll Raha Hu)
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This term has two meanings depending on the way it is used. It can be used to call a person who is acting stingy. Similarly, it can also be used to call out someone’s cheap behaviour, as in, Chindigiri matt kar which means stop acting so cheap.

Which of these is your favourite Tapori slang?

Catch Nawab’s dynamic story on Main Hero Boll Raha Hu on ZEE5.

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