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10 Powerful Women-Centric Zindagi Shows Like Churails That Make A Difference

Jessica David

August 7, 2020

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Zubeida in and as Badi Aapa, Noorie of Noorpur Ki Rani and Falak of Shehr-E-Zaat depict women with unique ideologies.

ZEE5, the largest Original content creator in India has been entertaining the audience with back to back unparalleled entertainment even during the lockdown. The much-loved content brand Zindagi, on ZEE5. is back and ‘Churails’, Zindagi’s first powerful original is the latest to premiere on August 11. Churails is all about women who are unapologetic of their being. Women who are strong and break the glass ceiling and stands for what she believes without being afraid to say #MainChurailHoon. The show narrates the story of four self-proclaimed Churails who come together to open a detective agency to expose cheating husbands amongst the city’s elite! 

Along with Churails, there are other powerful women-centric shows on ZEE5 that you can watch them from the comfort of your home, you can experience #ZindagiDobara through the unique lives of Badi Aapa, Noorie, Maham, Falak, Dania etc., through these powerful women-centric shows.

Watch the riveting trailer of Churails here:

10 women-centric Zindagi shows that make a difference

1. Badi Aapa

Meaning ‘older sister’, Badi Aapa is a family-drama series, starring Savera Nadeem as Zubeida, referred to as badi aapa. She functions on her own ideologies and principles. Her love and care for her family are often misunderstood as domination and interference. She discovers that her husband, Farman has a second wife named Neelam, after three years of his secret marriage. She is abandoned by her husband, daughter, sister and brother-in-law, and goes on her journey of self-love.

2. Noorpur Ki Rani

Sanam Baloch essays Noorulain Aneez aka Noorie in the coming-of-age drama series Noorpur Ki Rani. Despite being an orphan, she dreams big and always has an optimistic approach towards life. She undergoes a metamorphosis from rags to riches and lands in the king’s palace from an orphanage. Life still throws challenges at her and she gets molested by Akbar. Traumatised by the incident, she fails her school exams. But, she comes up the curve, gets adopted as a princess and becomes the queen by marrying Salar.

3. Shehr-E-Zaat

Actress Mahira Khan plays Falak Sher Afghan, a girl in search of true love and Allah, in the spiritual-drama serial Shehr-E-Zaat. She studies fine arts and makes a sculpture of the man of her dreams. She falls head over heels with the breathing manifestation of her art, Salman Ansar. In her complicated marriage, she braves through a miscarriage, the second marriage of her husband, a serious accident and her divorce. Letting go, she yearns for a relationship with Allah. Mahira has also starred in the Bollywood film Raees (2017).

4. Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar literally means ‘My Murdered My Beloved’. This romantic-drama series tells the story of Maham, portrayed by Mehwish Hayat. A young lady in her 20s, she falls in love with Umer and they get married against his family’s wishes. Maham’s brother-in-law stalks and sexually abuses her. Due to a conspiracy, Umer divorces Maham. But, she stays strong and comes back to avenge her torture. She makes them realise their sins and when Umer begs her for a second chance, she chooses her self-respect.

5. Bunty I Love You

Bunty I Love You

The story of Dania, Bunty I Love You is a romantic-drama series that stars Saba Qamar. The actress has featured opposite late actor Irrfan Khan in the film Hindi Medium (2017). In the show, Dania is married off at the age of 17 to a much older rich businessman. He dies 12 years later, leaving her with half of his property but longing for love. She falls for a young boy named Bunty who keeps stepping on her love time and again. She sees him flirting with many girls and still wears her heart on her sleeve proudly but loses in the end.

6. Dhoop Chhaon

Depicting the precious mother-daughter bond between Durr-E-Shehwar and Shandana, Dhoop Chhaon stars Samina Peerzada (old), Sanam Baloch (young) and Nadia Jamil. While having a rocky marriage, Shandana comes back to her maternal home with her little daughter, for a few days. She thinks that her mother, Durr-E-Shehwar had a happy marriage with her father. She contemplates divorce when she learns that her mother also struggled a lot. Instances from her mother’s life give her new perspective and boost her morale.

7. O Rangreza

O Rangreza tells the story of a stubborn girl named Sassi, played by Sajal Ali. She idolises her father but devalues her mother. Sassi dreams to be like Sonia Jahan, an actress who has an affair with her father, essayed by Sana Fakhar. When her father insults her for dancing at a party, Sassi determines to make a name for herself. She becomes a film star with her movie ‘Sonia Jahan’, a tribute biopic. Actress Sajal has starred with Sridevi in MOM (2017) and Sana has featured opposite Sunny Deol in Kaafila (2007).

8. Baaghi

Saba Qamar essays the role of Fauzia Batool in the drama series Baaghi. She is an outspoken and rebellious village girl who dreams to become a model and have a social career. She stands up for her sister Nazia, gets beaten up by her abusive husband. When Fauzia’s parents force her to marry a jobless man, she runs away on the wedding day. Then, she marries a man who promises to fulfil her dreams. But when she gets pregnant, he divorces her for another woman. Fauzia fights for her son’s custody while finding love again.

9. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai

The forbidden love story of Yousuf and Zulaikha, Mera Naam Yousuf Hai stars Imran Abbas and Maya Ali. Zulaikha’s mother Afiya Begum is a courageous woman who protects her daughters from her mentally abusive husband Noor M. Hajira, the younger sister of Zulaikha, also helps her to fight for love, and encourages her to not tolerate misogyny. As real queens, the three women fix each other’s crowns, without telling the world that it was crooked. Imran Abbas has also acted in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016).

10. Tum Kon Piya

The romantic-drama series Tum Kon Piya stars Ayeza Khan as Elma Ali and Imran Abbas as Ramish Hassan. Elma is the dutiful eldest daughter of Waqar Ali. She supports her father while he worries about getting his two younger daughters, Neha and Seema married. But, Elma gets married off to Zarbab, who abuses her along with her mother-in-law. She gets a divorce and goes back to her love. Through all of it, she remains sincere until the end, at the hospital.

Don’t forget to watch Mahira Khan’s performance in all the episodes of Shehr-E-Zaat, streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

You can also watch Sanam Baloch’s transformation as Noorie in Noorpur Ki Rani, streaming now on ZEE5.

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