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10 Biggest And Most Shocking Betrayals In Hindi Cinema

Mahima Maniar

September 29, 2020

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Et tu Brute? Jaw-dropping betrayals in movies that no one saw coming. There are love stories and thrillers. And then there are films with such outrageous betrayals that would make Macbeth look like an angel.

There are love stories and thrillers. And then there are films with such outrageous betrayals that would make Macbeth look like an angel. Such gripping films that will make you gasp, fall off your seat and leave a thought looming in your mind long after the end credits start rolling are worth watching.

London Confidential is an espionage thriller starring Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli and RAW agents. Set in the post-pandemic period, the agents try to restraint the spread of another Chinese virus that could tear the country apart. However, there is a mole within their ranks who is leaking important information that led to the disappearance of one agent. In this tale of deceit, sleuthhound, conspiracy, and betrayal, will the spies be able to crack the case? Well, watch the movie to find out!

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Let’s take a look at 10 characters we cannot take our eyes off, but whose betrayal made us feel sick to our stomach.


Based on Shakespeare’s Othello, class difference and disparities can make a man do ugly things. When Omkara chooses Keshav ‘Kesu Firangi’ (Vivek Oberoi) to do his bidding during elections over the more experienced Saif Ali Khan’s Ishwar ‘Landga’ Tyagi, the latter develops animosity. He causes a violent spat between Rajja and Kesu and then lies about Dolly (Kareena Kapoor) and Kesu having an affair which causes an unstoppable rivalry. It is a carefully woven tale of mistrust, lies and angst that metamorphosed into revenge.

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With one of the best music compositions, Karz remains a gripping watch till date. Gold digger Kamini (Simi Garewal) marries Ravi (Rishi Kapoor in a dual role) and then kills him. But in this tale of redemption, Monty takes rebirth as Ravi’s incarnation to avenge the deeds of Kamini. At last, when he weaves the whole story of Ravi’s death, Kamini feels that the ghosts of her past are haunting her. She tries to kill Monty the same way that she killed Ravi, but her car gets rammed off the cliff, giving the film a justified ending.


An action-packed movie with twists and turns, Mohra will throw you off guard. Sunil Shetty’s Vishal Agnihotri is only freed so that Mr Jindal (Naseeruddin Shah) – a blind media tycoon, can use him as a pawn to finish off his enemies. The literal translation of Mohra is a pawn which goes to show the ill intentions of the sugar-coated Mr Jindal that would rope innocents into his plan.


In this dark and noir thriller, the greedy, selfish and evil side of human beings is shown. When Rahul Kapoor’s (Rahul Bhatt) daughter is abducted, a series of convoluted events in finding her is set into motion. In this labyrinth of catching the culprit, it turns out that everyone except Ronit Roy is culpable. Ugly shows how the lust for money can drive people insane. It turns out that Rahul was using this incident to get money out of his ex-wife’s husband who was investigating the case and the only one concerned about the 10-year-old’s disappearance.


Starring Bipasha Basu and John Abraham in the erotic thriller Jism, the viewer will not be able to believe that the beautiful Sonia has a stone for a heart. Kabir (John), an alcoholic lawyer wastes himself until he meets Sonia (Bipasha). Although she is married to Rohit (Gulshan Grover), she has an affair with Kabir who falls in love with her. She uses him for her physical satisfaction while she lives off her millionaire husband’s wealth. She coaxes Kabir (John) into killing her husband under the pretext that they could marry each other. But her main motive was to inherit all his money.  Like she killed Rohit’s first wife, she also tries killing Kabir.

6.Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Gupt on ZEE5

Gupt: The Hidden Truth is a slick romantic thriller featuring Kajol (Isha Diwan), Bobby Deol (Sahil Sinha) and Manisha Koirala (Sheetal Choudhury). It is mysterious right from the word go as Sahil, who has been imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, has to prove his innocence. All the characters who could testify go missing or are found dead. Ultimately, it is found that Isha is behind all the murders. She was obsessed and madly in love with Sahil. In an attempt to remove everyone who came between her and Sahil, she commits a series of murders.

7.Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster

A love affair turned vile, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster creates the perfect build-up which blows in your face when at the end, Mahie Gill chooses her paraplegic husband (Randeep Hooda) over Jimmy Sheirgill, with whom she had an affair. This is a riveting tale of an interesting love affair, the politics behind it, and the unanticipated betrayal.


Unlocking the mystery behind the betrayal and the evil deeds which an app dictates the user to commit, Unlock makes for an exciting watch. When Suhani (Hina Khan) falls in love with her flatmate’s boyfriend Amar (Kushal Tandon), she falls prey to a sinister app which pulls her strings. She delves deep into the dark web. She gets what she wants at the cost of three dangerous tasks which could lead her down the endless rabbit hole of a dark world.

9.Dil Diya Hai

With twists and turns rife in Dil Diya Hai, the viewers will be infuriated by the betrayal at the hands of Emraan Hashmi (Saahil) who sells the love of his life Neha (Geeta Basra) to pay for his mother’s ill health. She is sold to Kunaal (Ashmit Patel) who runs a brothel in the United Kingdom. As Kunaal, a cold-hearted man starts to fall in love with Neha, Saahil tries to fight him to rescue her.


Sameera Khanna (Hina Khan) is a successful editor of a fashion magazine who befriends a kid Mohit Malhotra (Rohan Shah) from her apartment complex. When she falls out with her boyfriend, she engages with Mohit, which changes the entire dynamic of their relationship. While it might be a fleeting moment for Sameera, Mohit becomes the obsessive lover and is hell-bent on tarnishing her image for not reciprocating his love. The stalker trope and the dark side of the cyber world show the lengths one can go to betray others.

These movies will keep you wanting more and more. Watch London Confidential only on ZEE5.

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