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This is the reason why Pawan Kalyan wants to get rid of the title ‘Power Star’


November 2, 2021

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Actor Pawan Kalyan no longer wishes to be called Power Star and has requested the directors of his future projects to not use the title anymore in the films and its credits

Telugu superstar Pawan Klayan has a gigantic and a very loyal fan base. His fans fondly call him the ‘Power star’ and this title has stuck with Kalyan for more than two decades now. All of his films begin with the ‘Power star’ tag, which is used by his directors in a power tag, providing a delight for his fans. However, in a recent shocking move, the actor has requested all his fans and directors to not refer to him by this title. Kalyan has requested all of his prospective projects’ directors to avoid using the term “Powerstar” in their upcoming projects with him.

As per reports, in his most recent public appearances, the actor has advised his followers not to refer to him as a “Power Star.” In fact, at a film event last month while interacting with his fans, Pawan Kalyan said, “Why do you still call me Power Star when I have no such power? Does it make any sense to call me a Power Star? Please stop it.” The actor further went on to say that fans should recognise actors for their talent and hard work and not only by some tags.

While attending a public assembly in Vizag on Sunday, Pawan Kalyan was reported to be irritated when his admirers began chanting ‘Power Star.’ The actor-politician went on to tell the crowd to not call him that. He said “ Don’t call me Power Star. How many times should I tell you.” Pawan, it appears, has never liked the title Power Star and has determined to do everything he can to avoid it.

According to reports, ‘Power Star’ will no longer be used on screen in any of Kalyan’s upcoming projects. In fact, Kalyan’s film ‘Vakeel Saab’ was the last time when the title ‘Power Star’ was used on screen.

It has been noticed that the word ‘Power Star’ was not used in the promo for his upcoming film Bheemla Nayak. This was done in accordance to the wish of Kalyan as he no longer wants to be referred to as Power Star.

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