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SeethaRaama 28 February 2024 Written Update: Priya learns that Seetha donated blood to Sri Ram

Divya Poojari

February 29, 2024

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During a conversation, Priya learns that Seetha donated blood to Sri Ram and later grows furious when she tells her about how Sri Ram’s family kept her away from Sri Ram.

In the previous episode of SeethaRaama, Seetha brings Sihi to the hospital to check on Sri Ram. However, Sihi feels scared at seeing Sri Ram’s state.

In the next episode of SeethaRaama, Seetha mistakes Sri Ram’s gestures to be about him asking for Sihi. Ashok and Sihi arrive at Sri Ram’s hospital room and Ashok is surprised to see Sri Ram awake. Sihi is delighted to see Sri Ram conscious and she tries to cheer him up by showing her the drawing she made for him. Sri Ram, in his way, tries to comfort Sihi and she wipes his tears. Sri Ram’s doctor arrives states the reason behind Sri Ram’s struggle to talk and asks him to rest.

Seetha tells Ashok about Sri Ram’s struggle to talk and Ashok realises that Sri Ram did not propose to her and wonders about it. As Sihi goes to give her drawing to Sri Ram, Seetha asks Ashok what Sri Ram wants to talk to her and he hesitates to reveal it. He then requests her to not leave Sri Ram and she talks about his friendship being important to her. The nurse hands over the things found at the accident spot and Seetha is surprised as Ashok hands it over to her. Seetha is surprised as Sihi opens the bag and notices the saree bought by Sri Ram.

The next day, Sulochana and Sudesha grow annoyed with Rudra and the latter grows irked on recalling the state Sri Ram has left him in. They are surprised as Rudra asks them to pay for his treatment. At the hospital, Surya Prakash and Bhargavi visit Sri Ram and Surya Prakash asks Bhargavi to make arrangements to continue Sri Ram’s treatment at home. Furthermore, Ashok urges Surya Prakash to have a conversation with Seetha. Elsewhere, on the way out of her clinic, Anjali has a brief encounter with Rudra. At home, Priya hides her relationship with Ashok from Seetha. Later, Seetha tells Priya about her behaviour with Sri Ram and the reason behind doing so. As Seetha starts to feel guilty, Priya comforts her. Later, Priya learns that Seetha donated blood to Sri Ram.

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