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Jothe Jotheyali 6 July 2022 Upcoming Story: Sharada Devi recalls the past


July 5, 2022

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Due to the current situation at home, Sharada Devi ends up recalling the past, while looking at Rajvardhan’s picture and thinks about Aryavardhan’s betrayal.

In the latest episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Sharada Devi looks at Rajvardhan’s photo and recalls his death. She also recalls the occultist’s prediction that one day the whole truth will be revealed and how Aryavardhan had put on an act in front of her. Thinking about all of this, Sharada Devi suddenly starts to feel dizzy.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we saw Sharada Devi get worried when the lamp lit in front of the diety suddenly gets extinguished. Sharada Devi berates Manda for her careless mistakes. Furthermore, Sharada Devi is surprised when Manda suddenly breaks down and starts apologising to her. Anu and the others are also confused when Manda holds Sharada Devi’s feet and begs for forgiveness. Before Manda can reveal the truth, the police visit Sharada Devi’s house.

Jhende thinks of a way to learn about Aryavardhan’s health and for the same, he climbs a wall and sneaks into Aryavardhan’s property. Jhende grows nervous thinking about Manda revealing his truth. He gets scared when he sees a police car outside Aryavardhan’s house and escapes from there. Meanwhile, Mansi questions Anu and Sharada Devi for lying to the cops and for not informing the cops about the shootout outside the temple.

We also saw, Aryavardhan regain consciousness and search for Jhende as he believes that his enemies have targetted Jhende. Later, Sharada Devi and the others are left stunned when Manda informs them about Jhende’s threat and her suspicions of him being responsible for the shootout.

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