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Hina Khan And Shaheer Sheikh Spill The Beans On Their Adorable Camaraderie With Each Other


December 29, 2021

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Basking in success and rave reviews for their newly released song Mohabbat Hai, in a recent interview, Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh talk about their comfort level with each other as co-stars

We all know that nowadays it is a trend of music videos that end up breaking the internet and take social media by storm and in this bandwagon, two of the Indian television industry’s most loved and versatile nuanced A-Lister stars Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh had for the first time ever come together on the screens with a song called Baarish Ban Jaana that became a really huge hit that fans started loving their on-screen chemistry a lot and also started shipping them both together as ShaHina on social media.

They both also found good friends in each other and now yet again this dynamic powerhouse duo of Hina and Shaheer have come together for another new music single called Mohabbat Hai which has been sung by Stebin Ben and Jeet Gannguli and has been produced by Vyrl Originals and the song has become a big hit by creating a new history.

In the interview when Hina got quipped about her magical chemistry with Shaheer, she asserted that she doesn’t know about this herself since it is a huge mystery when she and Shaheer also think about it and added that they both hit the right chords with their chemistry and gelled up really well which is the reason that they are happy about this.

When Shaheer got asked about describing his level of rapport and comfort with Hina, he shared that according to him, when two real people meet each other, this type of genuine friendship is something that comes out quite effortlessly and naturally as they both were not pretending to be someone else and also didn’t show each other how much of a huge star or celebrity status they both have and added that she could have done this but Hina didn’t do it at all and has been very warm and friendly.

Opening up on noticing first thing in Hina as an actor, Shaheer said that he recalls telling her the next day about how vigilant and aware she is about the scenes since she knew where the lights and cameras are and also reminded him to do his parts as well and he got blown away with it.

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Spilling the beans on the things she noticed in Shaheer as an actor, Hina shared that as an actor she felt really comfortable with Shaheer as he made her feel that way and she didn’t even realize when they both hit the right chords and connected with each other as well as on the very first day they both had that kind of a comfort level that is more so like as if two people have known each other for a time span of ten years or so.

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