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Amrita Rao Dives In Spritual Vibes As She Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi With Family


September 14, 2021

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Amrita Rao shared a picture from her Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. Also seen in the photo were people close to her.

Sharing a picture, she asked her fans if they were having a wonderful celebration and wished a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of them. The picture showed Amrita in a bright red sari with a plate in her hand. On the other side of the picture.


In November last year, Amrita and her Husband, RJ Anmol, welcomed their son, Veer. After Veer turned nine months old in August, which corresponded with Friendship Day, Amrita shared a picture of him with Anmol and her and wrote a long note. She described her pregnancy journey to her son and spoke about the nine months she carried him and how he completed nine months in her arms. She continued saying how in the 18 months of their mother-son friendship, Veer has taught Anmol and Amrita so much every day. She then added that the most satisfying parts for her are when she can cook her son all his meals and see him lick the platter clean, and also shared how putting him to sleep feels like winning a Gold medal at the Olympics.

Amrita also shared how she and her husband wait for Veer to go to sleep so they can enjoy their little bit of freedom but is also at a great joy when her son wakes up.


As a first-time mother, Amrita is delighted, but she does accept that motherhood can be tough. She reportedly mentioned that this has been the toughest role she had played so far.


She spoke to the media, saying that she’s up most of the nights feeding her baby, and it’s not like her shift ends and she gets to sleep in the day; the day continues catering to every second of Veer. She goes on advicing mothers that they have to put behind themselves and prioritize their children over themselves. Motherhood is the toughest role I have played she’s played so far, she says.

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