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Jothe Jotheyali 5 January 2022 Written Update: Anu visits Pushpa’s house


January 8, 2022

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At Sharada Devi’s request and Pushpa’s invitation, Anu visits Pushpa’s house for a festival celebration and gets worried when Pushpa asks her about Aryavardhan’s whereabouts.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan lashes out at Sharada Devi for giving Rajanandini’s necklace to Anu. Furthermore, Anu gets worried when she fails to locate Aryavardhan. Jhende lies to Anu when she questions him about Aryavardhan’s whereabouts.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, when Jhende questions Aryavardhan’s decision of hiding, the latter reveals that he is doing so to distract Anu from putting her efforts into locating the culprit in the office and instead concentrate her efforts on locating him. Meanwhile, Pushpa invites Sharada Devi to her house for a festival celebration. Sharada Devi worries about informing Pushpa about Aryavardhan being missing. Sharada Devi informs Anu about her conversation with Pushpa and asks her to visit her parents’ house after work. When Anu gets worried about Aryavardhan, Sharada Devi reassures her.

Anu informs Harshavardhan about Pushpa’s invitation and her visiting her parents’ house. Mansi gets irked when Sharada Devi avoids her and decides to take matters into her own hands. The employees talk about how due to Anu Harshavardhan has started attending the office more often. At the office, Meera questions Anu about Aryavardhan’s whereabouts. Anu lies to Meera about Aryavardhan having gone out of the country on a personal visit. Jhende hears Anu’s words and supports Anu’s work when Meera questions him about Aryavardhan’s travel plans. Anu thanks Jhende for helping her. The ease with which Anu lied to Meera surprises Jhende and he thinks about how Anu will handle the new situation created by Aryavardhan.

At the chawl, Pushpa is elated when Anu visits her. Anu teases Pushpa about the way she welcomes people into her house. Anu lies to Pushpa when she questions her about Aryavardhan’s whereabouts. To distract Pushpa, Anu teases her about her care towards Aryavardhan. Elsewhere, Jhende meets Aryavardhan and informs him about how Anu handled the situation in the office when Meera questioned her about his absence. When Aryavardhan remains confident that Anu will come searching for him, Jhende suspects his claims. Meanwhile, Pushpa wonders if Anu had an argument with Aryavardhan and that is the reason behind her strange behaviour. Pushpa and Subbu are delighted when Mansi and Harshavardhan visit their house. Pushpa is elated when Mansi praises her house. Pushpa and Subbu are surprised when Mansi asks them about Anu and Aryavardhan’s whereabouts. Harshavardhan cooks up a story about Aryavardhan being busy due to which he has not visited Pushpa.

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