Sathya 24 February 2021 Written Update: Indhumathi to perforn an ‘Annadanam’ for Sathya

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February 23, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, the people from Sathya’s neighbourhood bring various food for Sathya, so she recovers soon. When Indhumathi brings food for Sathya, the latter signals at her that she wants Prabhu to feed her the lunch. Prabhu feeds the food to Sathya.


Watch what will happen next on Sathya:

In the latest episode of Sathya, Sashi temptingly looks at the food brought by Prabhu but is taken aback on hearing his words. Prabhu compels Sathya to eat all the food. Sathya is happy as Prabhu tends to her with utmost love and care.  Sathya tells Prabhu to share the food with Sashi.

Meanwhile, Janaki visits Sathya at the hospital. She praises Prabhu for taking care of Sathya so well. Janaki decides to share the hospital expenses and hands over an amount to Prabhu. However, Prabhu refuses to accept the money as he feels that it is his duty to take care of Sathya.

Veerasingham intervenes when Indhumathi speaks to Prabhu but is taken aback by listening to Indhumathi’s words. Indhumathi gets annoyed when Prabhu fails to tell Sathya’s weight, at the same time she taunts Veerasingham.

Anita who witnesses all the happenings asks Indhumathi the reason to know Sathya’s weight. She is shocked and argues with Indhumathi when she learns that Indhumathi is planning to offer silver equal to Sathya’s weight at the temple.  Indhumathi speaks high about Sathya and refuses to listen to Anita. She asks Anita to stay away from everything. Sathya is surprised when Nirmala informs her about the offering. Sathya suggest that Indhumathi organise an ‘Annadanam’ rather than giving silver at the temple.  

Indhumathi and Nirmala agree to organise an ‘Annadanam’ at the temple for Sathya. Later, Indhumathi wards off the evil eyes from Sathya and ties a sacred thread around her wrist.

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