Rannaghar: Learn how to make mouth-watering Mochar Borar Dalna at home

Learn a delicious traditional Bengali recipe from the popular cookery show Rannaghar as you self-isolate at home.

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November 21, 2020


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The popular cookery show Rannaghar is largely known for the countless delicious recipes it has taught its audience. You can also enjoy a variety of cooking videos with Rannaghar’s #ZeeOnTheGo series on Instagram. Want to learn something new this weekend? Check out the savoury Mochar Borar Dalna from Rannaghar.

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Heat up a good amount of mustard oil for deep-frying, and mix the ground mocha with ground chickpeas and shredded coconut shavings. Hand mix it all into a paste, add salt, turmeric powder, and dried chilli powder into it, according to taste.

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Next, pour her some besan onto a plate to use for coating. Turn the mixture into round medium-sized pieces. Then coat the pieces in the besan and deep-fry them. Add a bay leaf, whole garam masala, jeera in some hot oil. You can also added some extra shredded coconut in the mix to give it more texture.

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After it turns brownish-golden, add  some water, posto paste, tomato paste, and ginger paste into it. It will turn into a more gravy type of texture. Then add fried potato slices into the pan. After heating it up some more, add all the fried mochar bora pieces into the gravy mix. Keep stirring the added ingredients, add some ghee, shahi garam masala powder and sliced up chillis into the gravy. Once the curry turns into a thick-gravy like consistency, your dish is ready.

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