Rani Rashmoni: Everything you need to know about the real-life descendants of Rani Rashmoni and the legacy she left behind

Rani Rashmoni, the founder of the Dakshineshwar Temple in Kolkata left behind enough assets for generations of her descendants to come.

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Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni airs on Zee Bangla and is based on the real-life story of Rani Rashmoni, the founder of the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple in Kolkata, West Bengal. Rani Rashmoni appointed Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa to be the priest of the temple and was known to be very closely connected to him due to it. At a very young age, the daughter of Harekrishna Das and Rampriya Das, Rani Rashmoni was married to Babu Rajachandra Das, who belonged to a well-to-do zamindar family in Janbazar, Kolkata.

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From her marriage to Rajachandra Das, Rani Rashmoni gave birth to four daughters, namely, Padmamani, Kumari, Karunamoyee, and Jagadamba. When Rani Rashmoni’s husband passed away, she was devastated. Despite the agony, Rani Rashmoni took over the estate’s management that her husband had left behind.

Karunamoyee, one of Rani Rashmoni’s daughter, passed away two years after she had been married. Later, Jagadamba was married off to Karunamoyee’s widower husband, Mathurmohan Biswas. She took care of Karunamoyee and Mathurmohan’s son.

In Rani Rashmoni’s eyes, Mathurmohan became the son she never bore herself. Mathurmohan would assist her in the daily business affairs of her estate. Rani Rashmoni was heartbroken after she lost her second daughter, Kumari. She took up the responsibility to take care of Kumari’s child, Jadunath thereafter.

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Although Rani Rashmoni passed away in the year 1861, it is believed that she left behind ample assets for descendants to inherit. Rashmoni’s house still sees the “Bonedi family Durga Pujo” being held to this day. Rani Rashmoni was said to be the most popularly known resident of Janbazar in Kolkata. Her descendants from her daughters, Jagadamba, Padmamani, and Kumari still reside in her centuries-old house in the City of Joy.

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