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Kamali: What Will Ambi And Govinda Find In Tara’s Personal Diary?


October 5, 2020

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Anika is adamant about troubling Kamali and her family. Here is what she does!

In the previous episodes of Kamali, Anika continues to make Kamali’s life miserable by telling her to do certain chores at home. Kamali is still feeling bad about the fact that she has to keep her distance from Rishi even though she doesn’t want to at a time when she needs him the most. Anika also reminds her of the fact that Chandru’s life will be in danger if she tries to do anything smart and get close to Rishi. Kamali is in a fix and wonders what she can do to make this situation better.

While this is an absolutely heartbreaking episode, here is everything that you need to catch up on about Ambi and Kamali’s story. That morning, Deal Rani tells Ambi that they have brought more stolen goods into the house only because they have her blessing. She also says that if they look at her face early in the morning, then they will definitely be able to earn well. Govinda makes fun of her to say that looking at her face can never bring them any luck and that this was all because of the brains that they have. They also open the bag to realise that there is nothing but a diary which they can use for any sort of accounts that they need to maintain.

Anika and Kamali

Govinda, then, goes on to read the diary where Tara has written all about her feelings with regard to her family. She starts off by saying how marrying Ramesh was the best thing she has done in her life and the moment that makes her the happiest. She also writes to Ramesh about how much she loves him even though she has never expressed her love completely to him. She reminisces about the past to talk about how she accomplished all her goals in life and how he has always supported her with the same.

Meanwhile, Ajji has a high fever and her health is deteriorating. When Kamali asks Anika for the car keys, Anika tells her that she will not give them to her and she can take care of Ajji at home itself. Kamali begins to cry which Anika says is a sight to enjoy.

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