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Geet Dholi 03 November 2023 Written Update: Geet challenges PK

Sainidhi Iyer

November 16, 2023

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PK tells the Mehras that he has frozen all their company accounts and asks them to live according to his rules to acquire his financial help but Geet challenges him. Will Geet be able to earn for the Mehras?

In the of previous episode Geet Dholi, Jasleen, Ruby express their worries about PK’s return while reminding Diamond about the times they shared a home with PK. Jasleen states her observation about JK’s changed behaviour upon JK’s arrival. JK tries to change PK’s views about Geet but fails miserably, PK accuses Geet of changing the dynamics of the Mehra House. Tanya interjects and tells PK that his views about running a family are outdated and Malhar expresses his disapproval about living according to PK’s rules. Geet goes on to question PK’s lopsided point of view, tells him that he cannot demand respect as he will have to earn it. Geet lauds JK for changing his views to suit the interest and happiness of the Mehra family. Lahouran hears PK’s discomfort about the Mehras and their ways, she suggests PK leave the house for good once again. Later, PK tells Lahouran that he does not wish to leave owing to his past experience and warns the Mehras against trying to oust him. PK says that he will raise a wall in between the house if the family does not wish to stay in his company. Soon enough, Geet announces that the Mehras are willing to coexist with him in a bid to protect the promise Lahouran made to her husband. Not all members of the Mehra family seem to be happy with Geet’s decision.

In the next episode of Geet Dholi, Geet succumbs to PK’s threats owing to Lahouran’s promise and asks PK to stay with the Mehra family. However, PK tells Geet that the Mehra family will have to live according to his rules and PK tells the Mehras to stick to conventional gender roles. Geet argues with PK about the gender roles and tells him that his rules are from the yesteryears, hold no relevance today. PK tells the family that they cannot go against him in lieu of his financial help to the family. Geet tells PK that they no longer require his financial help as Samrat’s case has come to a close and the accounts of Mehra Industries will soon defreeze. PK laughs at the Mehras and walks away. Later, Simone tells Kammo about PK’s catastrophic return over a phone call. The Mehras summon their CA to discuss the defreezing of their company accounts. The CA tells them that their accounts will not be accessible to them any further.  PK insults Geet as she fails to wear a veil upon his intervention. The CA tells the Mehras that the company has received a legal notice from the co-owner of the company.

PK reveals that he sent the legal notice to the board of directors as he co-owns the company, has refused to let the Mehras access company funds. Geet points out that the business was created using Lahouran’s savings and that he is being hypocritical. PK defends his ownership of the company as his share of the company was slip between JK and Diamond. PK tells Malhar that he has his life savings to take care of the Mehras as the latter questions how he will be able to fend for the Mehras without his company account. PK scornfully tells the Mehras that they will have to adhere to his rules since he will be paying for their expenses. Geet refuses to follow PK’s rules and live a life as his slave. Later, Ruby criticises PK’s decision. Geet tells PK that the Mehras will not require his financial help and promises to run the family with her earnings. Later that night, Geet tries to look for a new dhol assignment to take care of the family. Malhar and Geet express their concern over each other’s Karva Chauth fast. Malhar mimics PK while speaking about Geet’s open challenge to him. Soon, Simone tells Kammo about Geet’s challenge to PK about running the house and criticises her actions. She goes on to plot against Geet with Kammo and urges Kammo to return to the Mehra House soon.

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