5 Heart-Melting Moments Between Radha And Krishna Of Radha Kalyana That Must Be Revisited


April 17, 2020

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The Festival Of Colours

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The Zee Kannada show Radha Kalyana revolves around Radha who belongs to a lower-middle-class family and ends up getting a job as Shri Krishna’s secretary after which the two fall in love. The lead actors Radhika Rao and Amith Kashyap have done a great job enacting their respective characters. Here are the five cutest moments between the on-screen couple!

Radha and Krishna share a moment when a bunch of people throw colour on them during Holi. Radha almost loses her balance while Krishna holds her before she can fall.

The Rift Between Radha And Krishna

Krishna tries to convince Radha not to get married

Krishna melts hearts when he tries to convince Radha not to marry anyone else. While this scene does cause some tension, we see how the two are struggling to express their feelings.

The Lock Up

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Radha and Krishna get locked up in the washroom and try to find an escape. Just then something goes into Krishna’s eyes and Radha tries to help him out. The two share a cute moment here!

The Power Cut

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Radha involuntarily hugs Krishna when there is a power-cut in the house. She gets frightened which not only do we find adorable but  Krishna does too where his heart melts at Radha’s cuteness.

The Proposal

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How can we forget this moment? Radha is taken aback when Krishna gets down on one knee to propose to her and asks her to marry him. Radha is startled but this sure was the most romantic moment of them all.

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