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Jackie Chan

2h 20m

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Jackie Chan is a 1997 Kannada action thriller movie starring Thriller Manju, Arun Pandian, and Suman in the lead roles. The story revolves around Simha, a brave police officer, who joins hands with other young men to fight against antisocial elements. Will Simha find success in his mission?

Details About Jackie Chan Movie :

Movie Released Date
4 Apr 1997
  • Crime
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Kannada
  • Thriller Manju
  • Thriller Manju

Keypoints about Jackie Chan :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 20m

2. Audio Language: Kannada

Jackie Chan- An Ultimate Step to Fight all the Antisocial Rage

The thriller genre has been cultivating a great presence in the movie industry, and people even love the suspenseful attributes of the directors. Growing up with this revolutionizing tendency, the film Jackie Chan has come up with great relevance. 

Jackie Chan Movie was released in 1997 on the 4th of April in Kannada language. Geetha and Geetha Arts present the movie with the soulful motive of making great sequence-wise plots for all generations. G.H. Gurumurthy and K Manju produced the film. The movie goes through a tense period from the beginning only, but as the scenes settle, you will get a good grip on the film with a factual and wonderful message.

Jackie Chan Movie Basic Details 

The whole narration of the film Jackie Chan has been under the assistance of Thriller Manju, who is also portraying the lead role in the movie as Simha. Other than that, the storyboarding, screenplay, action and direction have also been under the all-rounder hat of Thriller Manju. 

You will see several action sequences in the movie where the exposure of the lights has been used with a full-fledged system. The cinematography is also well-verified through each scene without giving it a rough cut. Moreover, you will get a fully entertaining stroke through each plot with the perfect amalgamation of crime and action as the Jackie Chan Director, Thriller Manju has shown his power-packed performance in the film.

The Engaging Storyline of Jackie Chan Movie

With Jackie Chan Movie Release Date, it has sourced a handsome income as people loved the thrilling concept of the story. The movie stars Thriller Manju in the lead role, whereas Suman and Arun Pandian have been portraying significant roles in the film. From the beginning, only the plot depicts a busy street where most of the fighting sequences will occur. Through the revelation, you will get to see more action phases.

The following story depicts the story of Simha (played by Thriller Manju), who is a brave and loyal police officer. His only motive is to serve the people with great works and eliminate all the evils from the society. As the story becomes more engaging, Simha regulates joining hands with younger men to root out the antisocial elements of the region. Throughout the movie, the mission of Simha makes him go through several rough patches. However, eventually, he fights against all odds and leads his society to be good and valuable.

The Performance of the Jackie Chan Cast

Being the lead actor in the movie Jackie Chan, Thriller Manju has done stupefying work. His action and thrilling sequences will give you a major suspenseful experience. Besides him, Jackie Chan Cast involves Arun Pandian and Suman, who have also satisfied their roles with great work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jackie Chan

Q1. How many songs are there in Jackie Chan movies?

Ans. There are around 5 songs in the movie Jackie Chan.

Q2. Who directed the songs for Jackie Chan?

Ans. Sadhu Kokila composed the songs in the movie.

Q3. Where can you watch Jackie Chan?

Ans. You can stream this 1997 movie on Zee 5.

Q4. What is the duration of the Jackie Chan movie?

Ans. The movie is about 2 hr and 20 minutes long.

Q5. What is the genre of the movie?

Ans. Jackie Chan falls under the category of crime and action genre.

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