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Monday Motivation: Sudheer Babu’s fitness regime will make you get started with your own already!

Mamta Raut

May 31, 2021

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Nannu Dochukunduvate actor Sudheer Babu, apart from his unmissable rugged look, also has plenty of fitness motivation to offer.

Nannu Dochukunduvate actor Sudheer Babu is a fitness enthusiast and that is no secret to fans. Just one look at his lean and perfectly sculpted body gives a hint at how much the actor works towards maintaining it. Sudheer Babu’s Instagram handle is filled with posts of his intense body workouts and chiseled abs. The actor often flaunts his muscular physique on his social media, which doesn’t only give fitness inspiration to fans but also puts his followers in awe of the star.

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Back training

In this video, shared by Sudheer Babu, he can be seen performing multiple exercises to acquire a muscular back. According to the actor, back training can be very tricky as there is no ‘visual cue to help with the mind-muscle connection’. After all the hard work that he does, the star has come to a conclusion that proper ‘technique’ should be given utmost priority when it comes to fitness, especially for back training.

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Sudheer Babu’s gym routine

With this clip, the actor explains that even after staying fit for more than a decade, the fact that he is still evolving amazes him. In the short clip, the star can be seen lifting heavy weights, monitoring his acquaintances at the gym, and much more. He regarded the video as, “A small bend here, a little arch there, the right time to breath – the endless small/invisible things that go into creating the perfect workout”.

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Fat burning routine for legs

This clip is a compilation of all the fat-burning leg workouts that the Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini actor has been performing for a long time. From squats accompanied with weights to lunges, the video is filled with several routines that can help one to achieve stronger legs. While sharing the video, the actor also gave a professional tip on how the exercises cause muscle damage in a single session, and hence the body needs relaxation to recover too.

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Clean presses

This video of Sudheer Babu features him doing clean shoulder presses and lifting weights. He can be seen walking around his gym lifting a heavy dumbbell. Check out the video below:

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