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Gattimela 6 January 2022 Written Update: Vaijayanti’s claim shocks Suhasini


January 7, 2022

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At the New Year’s party, Vaijayanti leaves Suhasini shocked when she claims to have seen Vaidehi and rushes to follow her. Will Vaijayanti be reunited with Vaidehi?

In the previous episode of Gattimela, a scared Vaidehi hides from Suhasini. Later, Suhasini is surprised when Vedanth reveals that Amulya was responsible for the New Year’s party decoration. At the party, Vedanth learns about Suhasini’s misbehaviour with Anjali.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Adya asks Amulya to let go of the argument and reunite with Vedanth. Amulya decides to not let Suhasini destroy her relationship with Vedanth and decides to apologise to Suhasini for the same. Vaijayanti refuses to believe Sridhar when he claims to have seen Vaidehi, but Sridhar continues to be stern on his belief, which reminds Vaijayanti about how very recently she felt Vaidehi call out to her. On seeing Sridhar’s belief, Vaijayanti starts to believe him and tells him how she once felt like Vaidehi called out to her and they wonder about Vaidehi’s whereabouts and the reason behind her hiding from them.

Vikrant is surprised when Adya tells him that Amulya will be apologising to Suhasini and decides to stop Amulya from doing so. For the same, Vikrant gets on the stage and invites Vedanth and Amulya on the stage. Furthermore, at Kanta’s request, Amulya and Vedanth perform a dance on a romantic song. During the party, Sridhar continues to search for Vaidehi. Amulya and Vedanth apologise to each other for their behaviour in the past few days. Vaijayanti is shocked when she sees Vaidehi at the party, but Vaidehi runs away before she could approach her. Suhasini is shocked when Vaijayanti states that she saw Vaidehi at the party.

Amulya is surprised when Suhasini leaves when she approaches her. Vedanth asks Amulya to stop giving reasons for not apologising to Suhasini. Vaidehi gets worried about Suhasini having seen her and tries to hide. Amulya asks Vedanth to promise her that the whole year he will not get angry at her or anyone else. Before giving the promise, Vedanth also asks Amulya to promise him that she will not behave in any manner that may anger him. Furthermore, Vedanth and Amulya argue about the promise and demand that the other first give the promise asked for. Vedanth and Amulya, along with the others, welcome the New Year and recreate a past memory. Later, Vaijayanti prays to see Vaidehi once again. On Vikrant’s request, Sarthak urges Vedanth to give Vikrant and Dhruva leave from the office the next day so that they can enjoy the New Year’s night. Later, Vaijayanti gets attacked when she rushes behind Vaidehi.

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