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Qurbaan Hua: With Neel Telling Chahat That He Wants To Marry Kashmeera, Will 2020 Mark An End Of Their Romance?

Simren Rodrigues

December 30, 2020

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Will Chahat fight for Neel with Kashmeera? Or let go of him? Here’s what we think will happen in Qurbaan Hua in 2021.

Just when Neel and Chahat’s love story was about to get real, Qurbaan Hua witnessed the entry of Kashmeera in their lives. As if Naveli and Godamvari were not enough, Kashmeera joined the clan thereby becoming a hurdle in Neel and Chahat’s love story. She has an evil motive and is determined to get what she desires the most – Neel. How will Chahat save her relationship with Neel or will 2021 mark the end of their love story? Here’s what we think will happen next in Qurbaan Hua.

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In the previous episodes of Qurbaan Hua, Kashmeera plans to put a rift between Chahat and Neel with her evil plan. She drugs Neel and takes off his shirt while she lays beside him. Just then Chahat enters the room and notices this. She is shocked. Later, she gets into an intense argument with Neel. Neel claims that there is no need to react as Kashmeera has seen him shirtless in past. Chahat argues saying that he is her husband and Neel reminds her that they are just pretending. This breaks Chahat’s heart.

In the upcoming episodes, Neel embraces Kashmeera and professes his love for her. This leaves Chahat in a state of shock. Later, he informs Chahat that he had decided to marry Kashmeera and asks her to leave so that they can go ahead with the plan. Now here’s what we think will happen in 2021 in Chahat and Neel’s life.

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Either Chahat is thrown out of the house and she loses everything and is left completely shattered. Or Chahat, known for her witty and quirky ideas, plots revenge against Kashmeera. We know Chahat will not let go of Neel so easily. So Kashmeera, you are in big trouble!

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On the other hand, the entire family will be shocked by Neel’s decision. They will either accept Kashmeera as their bahu, since Chahat belongs to another faith or they might decide and support Chahat instead. We know Vyasji has always had a soft corner for Chahat. So, it is possible that Vyasji will fight to keep her since he has already accepted her as his beti.

To know what really happens in the coming episodes, don’t forget to head over to ZEE5 to catch all the latest episodes of Qurbaan Hua.

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