Sathya 16 June Written Update: Sathya brings Divya to Prabhu’s house

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In the previous episode of SathyaSashi and Selvi tell their decision to Prabhu about shifting to their new house. Janaki is happy to see Divya but lashes out at her on recalling a past incident. Prabhu tells Sathya about his encounter with Divya. Sathya goes in search of Divya and rejoices on seeing her on the road.

In this episode of Sathya, Sathya stops Divya from ending her life. When Divya tells Sathya that she wishes to die, Sathya asks her for the reason. Divya tells Sathya everything that happened at the day of her wedding and how she met with an accident. Sathya insists that Divya accompany her to Prabhu’s house. On their way, Sathya informs Prabhu that she is bringing Divya home.

Anitha and Veerasingham stand speechless as Sathya walks into the house with Divya. Anitha rebukes Divya, but Prabhu intervenes and tells the family everything that happened with Divya. Sathya stops Indhumathi from questioning Divya. When Sathya takes Divya to her room, Anitha tells Veerasingham how Divya’s stay at the house is going to affect Sathya’s marital life. Later, Divya tells Sathya and Prabhu that she is happy to see them together.

Veerasingham and Anitha try to talk to Divya about her love for Prabhu in the past. But Divya warns Anitha that if she tries to create problems between Sathya and Prabhu, Anitha will have to face dire consequences. Sathya watches this from the balcony and feels happy.

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