London Confidential: Purab Kohli And Mouni Roy Share A Special Bond! Read More About It

Watch this fun video where Cyrus Sahukar plays games with London Confidential cast Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli.

London Confidential starring Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli in the lead released a few days ago and it has been taking the digital world by storm. Purab and Mouni play the role of RAW agents who are searching for the mole in their agency who is leaking confidential information that has been the cause of mass murders in their circuit. The film is also based on the post-pandemic era in which the secretive intelligence agency is set to find evidence that proves China is the real reason behind the virus leak that created the pandemic. The film has been entirely shot in London.

Watch the video in which Purab and Mouni have a heart to heart with Cyrus.

In the video, we hear Mouni and Purab share details about the shoot and how they had to be tested each week! The rules were difficult and Purab shared that as actors they did not even have the privilege of wearing a mask for safety. Mouni also revealed how she found that Purab was apt for the role of a secret agent but Cyrus Sahukar, who has known Purab for years, revealed that he is not at all secretive! Meanwhile, Mouni shared that she is not a loner.

The actors also played some extremely fun games like ‘Guess The Dialogue’ and ‘Be A Secret Agent’. Mouni aced the games and stood out to be a star. Mouni also shared that Purab has a lovely collection of shoes! She said that Purab is a person who loves ‘snooping around’ and that is what adds to his ‘Spy’ instinct! Mouni and Purab both shared some interesting secrets of each other and Mouni shared that Purab is a good singer! She said it out of mockery and Cyrus made both of them laugh. Meanwhile Purab shared that Mouni is full of surprises.

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