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Kundali Bhagya 05 December 2023 Written Update: The police arrive at Rajveer and Palki’s ‘roka’

Anup Shukla

December 7, 2023

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Everyone is worried when the police arrive at Rajveer and Palki’s ‘roka’ looking for Shaurya and Sandy. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, the Luthras get done with the preparations of Shaurya and Shanaya’s ‘roka’. Meanwhile, the police chase Shaurya after being caught with drugs. Amidst Rajveer and Palki’s ‘roka’, Karan keeps looking for Preeta, who is unaware that Rajveer is trying to keep her away from Karan. Preeta goes to her room to bring the bracelets that Srishti had kept for Rajveer’s would-be wife. Karan goes after Preeta and looks for her in the room. Nidhi notices this and tries a trick to keep both of them away. Gurpreet, Mohit and Rajveer get worried when the pundit asks for Rajveer’s mother for a ritual of ‘roka’. Gurpreet takes the blame on herself and makes an excuse to keep everyone from knowing that Preeta is Rajveer’s mother. The pundit asks Rajveer to call his father for the rituals of ‘roka’. Rajveer replies that his father is not with him. Karan says that he is Rajveer’s father, which leaves everyone shocked.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, the pundit asks Rajveer to call Preeta for the rituals of Rajveer and Palki’s ‘roka’. To avoid Karan from seeing Preeta, Gurpreet makes an excuse. The pundit asks Rajveer to call his father and Rajveer replies that he does not have a father. Everyone gets emotional after hearing this. Karan shocks them all by saying that he is Rajveer’s father. He soon explains that he is a father figure to Rajveer as Rajveer has always looked after Kavya like her brother. Gurpreet wonders why Karan wronged Preeta if he is such a good man.

Daljeet feels pleased after hearing this and hopes that Karan gives Rajveer his wealth too. On the contrary, Shaurya is highly upset to hear this. He says that this is the reason why he wants Rajveer out of his life. He feels that Rajveer is slowly taking away all his relationships from him. Karan asks Rajveer whether he can perform the rituals like his father. Rajveer gets to thinking and does not allow him to do it. However, Gurpreet agrees that Karan can perform the rituals. Karan starts performing the rituals and Rajveer gets emotional to see this. He tries to touch Karan’s feet to seek his blessings. Karan stops him from doing so and embraces him lovingly.

Shailendra feels happy for Rajveer and Palki and cuddles them both. Karan and others are shocked when the team of police arrives there to look for Shaurya and Sandy. Everyone feels perplexed to hear that the police are looking for someone who was caught with drugs. Meanwhile, Preeta struggles to get out of her room. Shanaya and Daljeet plead with the police to let them go for Shaurya and Shanaya’s ‘roka’. The police inspector initially does not let them go, but agrees to let Shanaya’s family leave at Palki’s request. Rajveer asks Palki to leave and assures her that nobody will get arrested as there is no drugs in the house. Gurpreet and Nidhi fear that Karan will now see Preeta. Shaurya and Sandy fear being caught but keep hidden among the relatives there. Nidhi keeps thinking of ways to keep Karan away from Preeta. She decides to get her phone from the place where everyone’s phone is kept after being confiscated.

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