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Kumkum Bhagya 06 December 2023 Written Update: Purvi runs into Rajvansh at the hotel

Sainidhi Iyer

December 7, 2023

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Diya offends Ashutosh by telling him that he isn’t right for Purvi. Ashutosh frets about the bike incessantly. Purvi runs into Rajvansh at the hotel as he arrives to finalise a deal with Robert and Krishna.

In the of previous episode Kumkum Bhagya, Diya asks Purvi to wish on a broken star and gets delighted as Purvi gives her a reply. Prachi interrupts and tells Diya that she wished for Ranbeer’s return. Krishna watches outside the window and wonders why Prachi fell out of love with him while missing her dearly. Meanwhile, Prachi recalls the moments she spent with Krishna and misses him dearly while sensing his sorrow. Away, a nightmare troubles Rajvansh and he wakes up in a panic. Alerted by his screams, his family rush to his bedroom. His mother, Harleen, gets concerned about the recurring nightmare and insists calling a doctor over to examine him. However, Dadaji asks Rajvansh to put his past behind him and move on. Dadaji’s words magically relieve Rajvansh and the latter apologises to his parents for concerning them in the middle of the night. Harleen tells Rajvansh’s father, Harman, about her fears. She insists he consult a doctor about Rajvansh’s nightmares, and he agrees. The next day, Beena asks Ashutosh and Purvi to pick out a hotel room for their wedding night. Rajvansh senses Harleen’s worries and cheers her up with the help of Dadaji.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rajvansh’s family argues over snacks and Rajvansh learns that he has cracked a deal with Robert. Ashutosh complains about the bike Rajvansh gave him and Diya mocks him for being inconsiderate. Purvi quickly diffuses the argument as Ashutosh gets deeply offended by Diya. Ashutosh deems himself to be a perfect groom for Purvi but Diya debates his opinion and suggests that Ashutosh isn’t right for Purvi. Later, Purvi power starts the bike, and they head to the hotel to find a nice suite for their wedding night. Meanwhile, Diya prays that Purvi’s wedding with Ashutosh gets called off and hopes that the duo never marry each other. Ashutosh mocks Purvi about not visiting a five-star hotel before and consults the receptionist to book a luxury room. He acts petty and clicks pictures in the hotel to show to his friends. Purvi notices Ashutosh in the hotel donning the same attire she saw him in, in her dream. They speak with each other, but Ashutosh insufferably separates them. At the meeting with Robert, Robert insists that Krishna and Rajvansh work together on the project. Both, Krishna and Rajvansh refuse to work together despite Robert’s request. Harleen interrupts the meeting with a call as she has an argument with Harman and asks him to come over. Harleen calls Rajvansh and discourages him from coming back home owing to Harman, Nupur’s request. Krishna realises that Rajvansh values his family and Yug feels intrigued upon noticing Krishna staring at Rajvansh.

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