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Prema Entha Madhuram 27 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Ragasudha tries to stab Jende


January 25, 2022

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While finding her way through Arya’s office, Ragasudha spots Jende and hears him ordering his men to kill her. Furious, Ragasudha tries to stab Jende.

In the next episode, trying to escape from the goons, Ragasudha ends up at Arya’s office. Feeling lost in the unfamiliar place, Ragasudha tries to find her way through and spots Jende talking on the phone. She hears Jende telling someone to be alert and she is not there. Realising that Jende is referring to her, Ragasudha gets shocked as he discusses with his men that they don’t know where she is and that she could come looking for them. Jende orders his men to kill Ragasudha on the spot since all their secrets will be out if she finds them. Ragasudha turns furious and picks up a spike paper stacker and sneaks behind him to stab him.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Anu found some photos of Ragasudha and went to the office early in the morning to search for files related to Ragasudha. On learning her name, Anu started searching for more information and got surprised to know that Ragasudha was the former vice president of Vardhan Group of Industries. Anu then decided to search for Ragasudha at a temple she saw in one of her photos. Meanwhile, Ragasudha went to the temple and performed a puja in Rajanandini’s name and vowed to exact revenge on Arya. Later, Arya agreed to to go to the temple with Anu. Mansi doubted if Arya and Anu are planning to move to a different house. At night, when a few goons knocked on Ragasudha’s door, she tried to escape from them and hid inside a truck. Ragasudha fell asleep and found herself at an unknown area by morning. She then tried to find a safe place and ended up at Arya’s office.


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