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Punar Vivaah - Episode 31 - Full Episode

E 31

2 Apr 2012

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Gayatri gets furious at Paridi and Pratik as they had performed a skit dedicating it to Yash and Aarti during the sangeet ceremony. In the skit, the couple described Aarti and Yash's past with their respective partners. Meanwhile, Aarti questions Satyendra why he stopped her from revealing to Yash that she was a divorcee and not a widow. Satyendra tells Aarti that she should have revealed the truth when she had learnt about it the first time. He believes that Aarti was aware that they had told the Scindia family that she is a widow and not a divorcee. Yash apologizes to his parents on behalf of Paridi and Pratik. He tries to convince them by stating that Paridi and Pratik had organized the function only for the sake of his happiness. Surajpratap forgives Pratik and asks Gayatri to make arrangements for Pratik and Yash's wedding processions. Aarti is shocked on learning that Shobha and Satyendra had lied to Scindia family that she was a widow. She questions Shobha why she didn't inform her about it before. Shobha tries to pacify Aarti and states that they had lied to the Scindia family only for the sake of her happiness. Shobha adds that she wanted Aarti to start a new life by getting remarried. Aarti, however, is determined to reveal the truth to Yash before the marriage. She asserts that if Yash wanted to marry her, he would have to accept the truth. Aarti declares that she would get married to Yash only after she reveals the hidden fact. Gayatri gifts jewelry to Aarti and informs Shobha about the wedding mahurat. When Aarti refuses to perform a certain ritual, Gayatri is left puzzled and questions her whether she has any problem with the ceremony. Satyendra pleads Aarti to remain quiet. Shobha intervenes and handles the situation. When Vidhi sees Yash and Pratik dressed up for the wedding rituals, she jokes with them. She hands over one set of jewelry each to Yash and Pratik in order to gift it to their brides after the wedding. Satyendra tries to convince Aarti to change her decision. He fears that the Scindia family would reject the alliance if they learn that Aarti was a divorcee. Aarti does not pay heed to Satyendra and refuses to relent. Bollywood singer, Kamal Khan attends the ceremony and performs a song. At that time, Yash receives Aarti's call. Aarti reveals to Yash that she was a divorcee and that her ex-husband was still alive. She panics when she does not get any response from the other side. She gets angry on learning that Satyendra had disconnected the landline cord in order to prevent her from revealing the truth. The pundit asks Surajpratap to call Yash and Aarti as the mahurat was approaching. Gayatri gets angry as Aarti had not arrived in the mandap. A concerned Satyendra asks Aarti to make up her mind about her decision to get married to Yash. He asks Shobha to follow him downstairs and leave Aarti alone.



Gurmeet Choudhary


Sarwar Ahuja


Kratika Sengar


Shweta Munshi