Viral Dance Fever: 5 Iconic Hook Steps Like Allu Arjun’s #ChaiStep from Popular Movies on ZEE5

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When a good track plays, it’s not the words that matter, it’s the beats, the rhythm, and the moves that capture our hearts. If you’re a fan of Allu Arjun’s movies you might already know where we’re getting with this. Yes, we’re talking about the latest rage around Allu Arjun’s #ChaiStep from his upcoming movie. The way his dance moves have gone viral reminds us of numerous dance steps from popular movies which made the entire world follow along. And ZEE5 has a treasure trove of iconic movies with unforgettable dance moves. From classic Bollywood masala songs to high-energy Tollywood tracks, the dance steps of popular songs in these movies not only set screens on fire but also inspire millions to hit the dance floor. Let’s take a look at the top 5 iconic hook steps that went viral like the sensational #ChaiStep:

  1. Naatu Naatu from RRR

The much-celebrated magnum opus RRR, directed by the visionary SS Rajamouli, not only delivered a cinematic extravaganza but also served up an Oscar-winning dance anthem that took the internet by storm. Not just the Naatu Naatu hook step but the entire song showcases the energetic chemistry between its leads, Jr. NTR and Ram Charan, as they unleash their raw charisma through dynamic dance moves.

  1. Aankh Maare from Simmba

Along with action-packed thrills Bollywood’s blockbuster hit Simmba also served up a chart-topping dance number in the form of ‘Aankh Maare’. Ranveer Singh’s infectious energy coupled with Sara Ali Khan’s charm brought the iconic Simmba hook step in ‘Aankh Maare’ to life. Soon, it earned a permanent place in the hearts of party-goers everywhere.

  1. Ra Ra Ready I’m Ready from Macherla Niyojakavargam

Nithin, Krithi Shetty, and Catherine Tresa’s Telugu movie Macherla Niyojakavargam is a regional gem. The song ‘Ra Ra Ready I’m Ready’ from this film featuring Nithin and Anjali delivers a hook step that’s as catchy as its electrifying music. With its pulsating beats and vibrant choreography, this hook step soon became a sensation.

  1. Dhating Naach from Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Shahid Kapoor is no stranger to setting the dance floor on fire, and ‘Dhating Naach’ from Phata Poster Nikla Hero is a testament to his prowess. This peppy number, infused with desi beats and quirky choreography, boasts a hook step that’s as fun to watch as it is to perform.

  1. Vaathi Coming from Vijay The Master (Hindi Dubbed)

How can we talk about the hook steps of popular songs and forget Vijay’s electrifying presence and impeccable dance moves, in ‘Vaathi Coming’ from Vijay The Master. This high-octane track, with its pulsating rhythm and dynamic choreography, features a hook step that’s as easy as it gets.