Timeless Courage: Dharmaveer’s One-Year Completion on ZEE5

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The one-year completion of Dharmaveer on ZEE5 is a powerful testament to the lasting influence of courage and righteousness in the world. Released on June 17, 2023, this inspiring tale is based on the real-life of the late Shiv Sena leader Anand Dighe. The Marathi movie captivated audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances that resonated across generations. The movie explores the concept of courage, highlighting the remarkable strength displayed by an ordinary individual when driven by a sense of righteousness. As we celebrate the one-year milestone of the Dharmaveer movie, let us delve into the essence of this cinematic masterpiece.

Dharmaveer’s movie story

The movie begins when a TV news reporter, Tanvi Mahapatra, arrives at Thane railway station. She feels upset about missing a Bollywood party due to her assignment of covering the 20th memorial service of late politician Anand Dighe in Thane. She realizes she knows very little about Anand Dighe and discovers that after his death, locals destroyed the Sunitidevi Singhania Hospital. An auto-rickshaw driver suggests that she meet the common Thanekars to understand the impact Anand Dighe had on their lives.

The story then takes us back to the early days of the Shiv Sena, where a young Anand Dighe is a dedicated party worker. He gains prominence within the party and becomes a close aide to Bal Thackeray, the party’s supremo. Their relationship is marked by mutual respect and admiration.

At the memorial service, Tanvi meets several people, including Anand Dighe’s mentees, Eknath Shinde and Rajan Vichare, as well as Anita Birje and his family. Through these interactions, Tanvi discovers that Anand Dighe was not just a political leader; he was deeply connected to the people of Thane and dedicated his life to their well-being.

Despite his tragic end, Anand Dighe remains alive in the hearts of the Thanekars, even after his death. The film highlights his selfless service and the lasting impact he had on the community, portraying him as more than just a political figure.

Dharmaveer’s star cast

  • Prasad Oak as Anand Dighe Saheb
  • Shivraj Waichal as Young Anand Dighe Saheb
  • Kshitish Date as Eknath Shinde
  • Makarand Padhye as Balasaheb Thackeray
  • Shruti Marathe as Tanvi Mahapatra
  • Gashmeer Mahajani as Sameer
  • Vijay Nikam as Mo. Da. Joshi
  • Snehal Tarde as Anita Birje
  • Vignesh Joshi as Prakash Paranjape
  • Abhijeet Khandkekar as Dadaji Bhuse
  • Atul Mahajan as Satish Pradhan
  • Mangesh Desai as Reporter
  • Mohan Joshi as Sameer’s Father
  • Sagar Pabbale as Rajan Vichare
  • Shubhankar Ekbote as Ravindra Phatak
  • Jaywant Wadkar as Inspector Yeshwant Tawde
  • Yogesh Shirsat as Vasant Davkhare

Dharmaveer review and ratings

Dharmaveer received an IMDb rating of 8.0/10

The biopic-drama covered Anand Dighe’s political career very gracefully. The Haji Malang Chapter, the Sugar Movement, Shivsena’s first big victory, and the dominance they still have in Thane are all portrayed in the movie. The film hardly had any boring moments, it has an engaging narrative and certainly keeps you on the edge of your seats.

As we celebrate the one-year completion of Dharmaveer on ZEE5, we are reminded of the timeless nature of courage and its ability to ignite the spark of change within us. This cinematic masterpiece has left an indelible mark on the hearts of its viewers, encouraging them to uphold the values of truth, justice, and integrity. You can sign up on ZEE5 and watch Dharmaveer movie online from the comfort of your home.