The Broken News on ZEE5: Let’s Recap the Riveting Saga that Set the Stage for an Explosive Season 2

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Very few web series try to show you a glimpse of reality in the form of a fictional story. The Broken News on ZEE5 is one such gem. It shows you two different sides of the media – one that stays true to their journalistic ethics and presents facts, and one that adds some padding to the reality to make it newsworthy. After a successful first season, The Broken News 2 is here to give another unforgettable streaming experience starting May 3, 2024. If you still haven’t watched The Broken News web series online, stream it now on ZEE5. However, if you have watched it and simply need a refresh, read this blog for The Broken News recap.

The Broken News Plot: Awaaz Bharati News and Josh 24/7

Directed by Vinay Waikul and written by Sambit Mishra, The Broken News web series is a ZEE5 Original that focuses on two starkly opposite Indian News Channels, Awaaz Bharati News and Josh 24/7. Awaaz Bharati News is led by Amina Qureshi played by Sonali Bendre. Meanwhile, Josh 24/7 is led by Dipankar Sanyal played by Jaideep Ahlawat. Awaaz Bharati News is a credible and trustworthy news channel that believes in presenting the truth, thanks to Amina who believes in the ethics of journalism. Meanwhile, Josh 24/7 only cares about TRPs and ends up fabricating stories to stay on the top as India’s number one news agency. Between these two extremes is Radha Bhargava, a young journalist who has set out to make her mark in the journalism world.

Facts v/s Accusations

Amina’s Awaaz Bharati News believes in presenting facts, as it is, without any adulteration, staying true to their journalistic ethics. Meanwhile, Dipankar’s Josh 24/7 believes in sensationalizing news and making accusations just to earn some eyeballs. For Dipankar, it’s all about staying in power and minting money, while Awaaz Bharati News’s ethics have led them to suffer financially.


Radha Bhargava Joins Josh 24/7

When Radha Bhargava realizes that the power to tell the story lies with those who actually have the money, power, and backing, she joins Josh 24/7. However, she soon realizes it is not the place for her and returns to Awaaz Bharati.

Family or News?

On one side Dipankar is thriving with Josh 24/7, on the other hand, his family is falling apart as he prioritizes news over family. He loses his wife and daughter as they move out of his life wanting nothing to do with a man who prioritizes his work and his news agency more than his family.

Operation Umbrella

A shattered Dipanker pours more of his angst and rage into his news channel trying to unravel a new mystery called Operation Umbrella. As he tries to uncover this story, Radha and Amina also get a whiff of the story and try to uncover the truth.

Radha Bhargava: The Terrorist?

By the end of the season, both Radha and Dipankar are racing to reveal two different sides of Operation Umbrella. In his attempt to win, Dipankar crosses a line by calling Radha an anti-national, terrorist whose words can’t be taken seriously. Radha loses her credibility and even gets arrested. Watch The Broken News 2 starring Sonali Bendre, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Shriya Pilgaonkar to know what happens next.

Watch The Broken News Season 2 Streaming on ZEE5

Whether you watched the first season or read our The Broken News Season 1 summary, you know how season 1 ended. The Broken News season 2 picks up right where the story was left, with Radha in jail, planning her next move. Radha is eager to step out of the prison and destroy Dipankar for all that he did to her. Meanwhile, after losing his family, Dipankar is now more determined than ever to win, and succeed. All this while, Amina is trying to remind Radha of journalistic ethics asking her not to stoop to Dipankar’s level. With so much happening, this season is surely out there to be a hit. Anyone who has watched Sonali Bendre’s movies, Shriya Pilgaonkar’s movies, or Jaideep Ahlawat’s movies, clearly knows how brilliant these actors are. Experience the thrilling atmosphere these three create as you watch The Broken News 2 online only on ZEE5!