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This is why Nayanthara is undeniably the lady superstar?


September 17, 2021

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Nayanthara is the only female actress to achieve the position of “Superstar” in the South Indian film industry. Nayanthara’s journey in the entertainment industry and how she managed to occupy such a large area in our hearts are detailed here.

The gorgeous Nayanthara has sustained the male-dominated Tamil cinema industry for two decades and has a large fan base from all over the country, regardless of linguistic barriers. It is fair to claim that Nayanthara is today’s South Indian Lady Superstar. Unlike the normal practice of casting a male actor to draw a large audience, Nayanthara is capable of attracting a large audience to her films.

Female actresses have a platform

Nayanthara gets her introduction sequences written for her, which is unusual for a female actor. Filmmakers also craft gags and in-jokes for her, often referencing her prior well-known works. This is an acknowledgment that is significant in and of itself.

Making mainstream ‘Women-Centric’ movies shine

Nayanthara is recognised for her gorgeous roles, but she has been steadily establishing a film franchise based on her character. Nayanthara’s debut solo song, Maya, was a massive success, and she hasn’t looked back since. Nayanthara chooses a wide range of screenplays and has gained the confidence to portray roles that require her presence in the tale rather than merely as a love interest. The majority of them were directed by first-time directors and turned out to be blockbusters.

Demanding her pay

We are all aware of the wage disparity between male and female workers in our country, and the film industry is no exception. Nayanthara charges between Rs 3 crore and Rs 5 crore for each film, according to industry sources, which is the highest compensation a female actor can get in the south today.

Taking a position

Nayanthara is renowned for not speaking up often in order to avoid controversies. However, there were a few instances where the actor delivered an effective response. In an interview, filmmaker Suraj stated that he does not allow his heroines to conceal themselves. Despite the fact that Nayanthara was unrelated to the film, she fiercely denounced his remarks. When it was suggested that a lady like her playing Sita would be ludicrous, Nayanthara responded that she would portray Sita, a ghost, a friend, or a lover.

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