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Mukti Review: The Political Drama Exemplifies A Struggling Journey; It Will Keep You Hooked To The Screens – WATCH ON ZEE5


January 28, 2022

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Mukti a Rohan Ghose-directed political thriller was released on ZEE5 on 26th January. If you are in for a violent thriller that will make your blood boil, then this is the perfect show for you

Mukti is a Rohan Ghose-directed political thriller TV series starring Ritwick Chakraborty, Arjun Chakraborty, Shaheb Chattopadhyay, and Ditipriya Roy, among others. The show consists of nine episodes, each lasting approximately 45-50 minutes. The series is currently available on ZEE5.

Ram Kinkar is elevated and given new tasks at Midnapore Jail, where freedom fighters are tortured by jailor Petty. The decision on whether or not to execute a minor prisoner is still unresolved. Mukti concentrates on the crimes that occurred in Midnapore Jail in 1931. We understand the series’ motivation. However, the series is quite long. It exemplifies the horrific crimes committed by the British against us.

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Even the most harmless moments, however, are so dragged out that they become tedious to witness. The series’ plodding tempo is exacerbated by the extra-long sequences, which detract from the series’ scant interest. If you don’t enjoy in-your-face aggression, we believe this will be difficult to watch for everyone. This doesn’t take the high path away from the nasty street.

It can be tough to observe political prisoners being tormented by individuals who have taken their nation captive, whether through sex or physical brutality. They seem to have focused on the torturing in order to make us feel frightened by what’s occurring on screen. Unfortunately, you were disinterested after a while, because jumping forward is simple on streaming platforms. As a result, these terrifying moments fall short of their intended impact.

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Despite the fact that it takes a while to get to the point, the underlying tale is quite engaging. It’s also worth noting how Indians became India’s worst foes by collaborating with the British. The series’ various perspectives are very surprising. Although Ramkinkar is the only beam of illumination in this pretty gloomy and gloomy tunnel, he only plays a minor role in the plot. His transformation from a Britisher’s puppet to a reasonable, thinking Indian is admirable.

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