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Is Sushmita Sen Pointing Towards Why She Parted Ways With Her Beau? See What The Actress Has To Say


January 7, 2022

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Since the past few days, there has been a lot going on in Sushmita Sens’s personal life. Sushmita had a live Instagram session which was accompanied by her daughters Renee and Alisah recently and spilled beans on many subjects

Actress Sushmita Sen wowed fans with her web series, and she is currently enjoying the success of the show’s second installment. While fans and critics continue to praise the actress for her impressive acting abilities, there has been a lot going on in her personal life as well. When rumors of Sushmita’s breakup with boyfriend Rohman Shawl surfaced, fans and the entertainment industry were stunned. Ending speculation, the actor revealed through a cryptic note on her Instagram that the two had parted ways because their relationship was long overdue. Fans were devastated, but no one knew why they had broken up.

Every time Sushmita Sen speaks, she leaves a trail of inspiring words in her wake. For decades, the actress has worked in the entertainment industry, gaining a large following. She also enjoys connecting with them via Instagram live sessions now and then. Sushmita had a live Instagram session on January 6 to interact with her fans and answer their questions explaining why she prioritizes respect in a relationship over love.

Sushmita had a live Instagram session which was accompanied by her daughters Renee and Alisah. on January 6 where they interacted with her fans and answer their questions Sushmita responded to one of the questions by saying that respect is more important to her than love because it means everything to her. That takes precedence over love any day she stated and went on to say more about it Because love is something you feel intensely and then let go of with equal ferocity. Love, on the other hand, has no meaning if there is no respect. When there is no respect, love takes a back seat, according to the actor, and it is only temporary. According to her, any relationship based solely on love is doomed to fail.

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Sushmita began dating Rohman in 2018, and the two have since become one of B-most town’s popular couples. Sushmita announced their breakup on social media, writing, ‘We began as friends, we remain friends!!’ ‘The relationship was over a long time ago, but the love endures!’

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