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Divyanka Tripathi Picks Up A Lightning Rod For The ‘No Bindi No Business’ Tweet; Makes A Strong Statement


October 30, 2021

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Divyanka Tripathi is perturbed by a tweet that criticises women’s dressing choices, prompting her to rise up, saying, It should be a woman’s decision what she wants to wear

Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most loved television actresses in the country. She is well-known for her strong daily soap parts as well as her reality show talents. The actress seems known for speaking out against social injustices. Lately, Divyanka shared a social media post in which she expressed her disdain and fury over the hashtag nobindinobusiness. She chastised the hashtag for questioning women’s clothing and styling choices.

The Yeh hai Mohabbatein fame raised her voice in response to an unjustified Twitter message that read, I’m not purchasing anything for Deepawali from any brand that portrays a model without a bindi, talking for myself #NoBindiNoBusiness. “No bindi, no business?” commented Divyanka Tripathi in a comment on the post. She expressed her anguish for the post and expressed that it should be a woman’s decision what she wears! Choices are respected in Hinduism! Then you’ll want the parda-system and Satipratha back, right? Why should the way women’s attire be used to judge a culture? I’m even more surprised when women promote such ideas!”

Divyanka tweeted in threads about her concerns about the idea. She also said in the conversation that she was recently featured in a Diwali home-shot commercial in which she did not wear a bindi. It was just my own preference and had nothing to do with the brand. She went on to say that if someone believes in their cultural norms and values, they are not entitled to have them portrayed in a false light. Divyanka Tripathi’s followers showered her with affection and supported her stance.

See the tweet here-

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Her most recent appearance was in Khatron Ke Khiladi. The actress finished as the show’s second runner-up. The actress’s daredevil reality show performance earned her a captured the hearts of the viewers. She is quite active on social media and frequently posts photos from both her personal and professional lives.

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