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Archana Puran Singh Lashes Out At The Editors Of Comedy Circus For Making Her Look Laugh At Each Punch; Says ‘I Am Not Laughing On Every Banter’


October 16, 2021

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Archana Puran Singh who is the special guest of The Kapil Sharma Show revealed that she doesn’t laugh at every joke on the comedy show. The actress took a dig at the editors of Comedy Circus

Archana Puran Singh is the permanent guest on the comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. Various celebrities come to the show and enjoy the comedy on it. The hilarious characters and their crisp comic punch make everyone laugh. It was claimed that Archana Puran Singh always laughs and does nothing on The Kapil Sharma Show. Now, Archana has opened up against the claims and said that she is not laughing at everything on the comedy show.

Archana went on to reveal that she is still bearing the cost of her days on the other comedy show, Comedy Circus, where shots of her laughter were added after every joke, no matter if she had laughed in real or not. The actress recently told a leading daily that the team of Comedy Circus used to edit the episode in such a way that her laughter was added to almost every act and even in places where she had not laughed. This was wrong because it made Archana look like she had even laughed at a boring joke when in reality, she hadn’t. Archana has nothing against the makers, but she is sad that the editing team was not careful about this.

Archana went on to speak in self defence and said that it is not easy to sit for hours and judge an act. She said that if one notices on Kapil’s show, she is not laughing at every banter. But since this is the impression that people still carry from my Comedy Circus days, she is still bearing the brunt that ‘Archanaji just keeps laughing and doing nothing on the show’.

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Archana Puran Singh had replaced cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu as the special guest on The Kapil Sharma Show in February 2019. It began when Sidhu joined politics and left the comedy show. Recently when Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned from the post of Punjab Congress chief, Archana feared that he might snatch her seat from the show. She even shared memes on herself on her social media account.

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