Lockdownchyaa Polyaa










Audio Languages:Marathi

"Lockdown Chya Polya is a slice-of-life story presented in mumblecore genre, of an empty-nester couple stranded in different cities due to the sudden lockdown in India. Still in their late 40s, their children have left for education abroad. The story starts when the husband, inexperienced in cooking, is faced with simple challenge of making chapatis. He requests his wife to guide him, on a video call. On the other hand, the wife is disturbed by a rude mail from her elder son and wants to share her disappointment. On this backdrop, there is also an undercurrent of their recent argument over her contribution towards their household and his seemingly apathetic attitude over her sacrifices and contributions. During this whole process of making chapatis, they discuss their insecurities, reminisce about their past and realise once again why and how much they love and respect each other. In the end, he manages to make decent chapatis, they resolve their differences, comfort each other and bring smile to each other's face. The play leaves the audience with moist eyes and a happy smile on their face.The conversation swings between their lives and making chapatis. Laced with wit and humor, the play has its spotlight on conversations, relationships, and life’s simple pleasures. It captures the drama in the everyday life of an ordinary family during the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.The presentation won love of the audience and praise from critics resulting in a significant media attention to this independent production in a completely new genre (ie cross over between live theatre and a film). The play was praised for its unique theme, intimate presentation, endearing performances and very relatable dialogues in contemporary times."



Geetanjali joshi


Gautam Marathe



Swapna Mirashi