Telangana has become “very attractive” destination for investments, says minister KTR

Telangana minister KTR Rao on Wednesday participated in the inauguration of Bosch Global Software Technologies at Raidurgam locality in Hyderabad.

December 14, 2022


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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 14 (ANI): Telangana minister KTR Rao on Wednesday participated in the inauguration of the Bosch Global Software Technologies center at Raidurgam locality in Hyderabad.
On the special occasion, Rao, who is the Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, IT, and Industries, complimented the entire family of Bosch Global on choosing Hyderabad for the expanded center.

“More than 1400 people have already been recruited here and it looks like a total of more than 3000 will be recruited. It’s good news for the youngsters in Hyderabad. When a large multinational European company, American company or any overseas company comes to Hyderabad have very conservative estimates initially,” the Telangana minister said.
“When they wanted to hire 1,000 people, they end up hiring 2000 people because the talent, the energy, and the place really grows on you and the talent of young inspiring innovators is something that everybody has been benefiting from,” he said.
Further, terming Telangana as a young state, he said it has, however, become a “very attractive destination” for investments for a variety of sectors including automobile technology.

In the last 8 years, he said the statement government had some marquee names in a technology setting up in Hyderabad.
“We have german companies, from US and others. All of their second-largest campuses outside their headquarters is in Hyderabad. We also have several homegrown Indian companies setting up new centers. Hyderabad is one Indian city which does not compromise when it comes to building infrastructure and keeps up with the pace of growth,” Rao said on the occasion.
On a lighter note, Hyderabad is where the North meets the South.
“The City is neither North nor South of India. We are where the North meets the South, where Poratta meets Dosa, where data sciences meet life sciences, where biology meets technology, and where mangoverse meets metaverse,” he said.
About Telangana’s growth, he said the state has grown more than 15.2 percent CAGR (Compound annual growth rate).
“The quality of living is better and the progressive governance has led to the growth of our IT exports from 57,000 crores in 2014-15 to 1,83,000 crores in the last fiscal. Out of 450,000 new jobs created last year in IT sector in India, 150,000 was created in Hyderabad,” he claimed. (ANI)

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