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New Delhi [India], October 21 (ANI/SRV): Pankaj Agarwal, an aspiring entrepreneur, along with PUNO has established the first indoor adventure and trampoline park in India.

October 21, 2022


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New Delhi [India], October 21 (ANI/SRV): Pankaj Agarwal, an aspiring entrepreneur, along with PUNO has established the first indoor adventure and trampoline park in India.
Together with other promoters, Pankaj has been able to create an Indoor Entertainment Park that provides visitors with affordable access to a variety of exciting activities in a small-scale setting. According to the slogan “funatpuno,” PUNO parks are without a doubt the nation’s most fun-centric locations since fun is always at PUNO.
PUNO is not just another indoor amusement park; they are the go-to destination for all the thrilling adventure enthusiasts and the youth of the country who are craving to try out trampoline games in India and other exciting adventure activities in a safe and regulated area. With the Pilot Project set up in one of the most revered heritage cities in the country, Jaipur, PUNO is gearing up to register a presence in Tier I and Tier II cities, including a few of the prominent urban agglomerations across the country.
Speaking about the expansion plans for PUNO, Pankaj Agarwal says, “Though it’s been a short while since we opened our doors for patrons, PUNO has received an overwhelming response. Gauging the kind of response we have received for our Pilot Project in Jaipur, we plan to launch our PUNO parks in different cities across India. “PUNO happens to be India’s first indoor adventure and Trampoline Park and the response received by the audience and the guests at large has served as a validation of our ideas and efforts in putting it together.”
While initiating PUNO, Pankaj left no stone unturned to cultivate and curate exciting, fun-filled, and thrilling global experiences in an indoor entertainment park setup. He found immediate support from his team of confidants, who also endorsed his mission to ensure that his dream took the shape of a concrete business venture. Now that the Pilot Project of PUNO has become hugely successful, the natural step forward is to develop it across multiple cities in the subcontinent region.
Elaborating on the same, one of the promoters, Neha Agarwal, states, “When we first shared the idea of coming up with multiple parks of PUNO, some people suggested that it’s too early to take this step. The success of our first PUNO Park in Jaipur instilled a great deal of confidence and belief in us. We realized that people in our country have always been ready for family experiences that involve adventure in a controlled environment and the kind of activities that stimulate physical and mental growth. We are confident that PUNO, as a franchise, will soon be a name to reckon with.
The core team of PUNO decided to grow as a multi-city operator for more reasons than mere profit. They detected a significant gap in the entertainment industry. While people living in metro areas and larger cities have access to a variety of entertainment options, it took India a while to develop its first indoor adventure and trampoline parks despite being exposed to global infrastructure for a while. There are significantly fewer options available to people who live in Tier I and Tier II cities.
Shedding further light on this subject, Pankaj says, “Families based in Tier I and Tier II cities keep traveling to bigger cities in search of entertainment and recreational options. If they had some interesting places to visit in their hometown, things would have become much more convenient for them. After understanding and analyzing this requirement, we decided to have PUNO in different cities in India along with metros and other important cities that are yet to witness the urban revolution of India. “
While the promoters and their crew have already narrowed down the cities where they want to come up with the PUNO parks, they will shortly make a formal announcement on the same. PUNO is prepared to establish a presence across India after becoming a significant center for leisure and amusement in Jaipur and Raipur. The team intends to establish Puno parks in several foreign locations once the India Pan-India establishment is accomplished.
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