Crazy Snacks eyes the cake segment, launches layer cakes and cupcakes

New Delhi [India], October 4 (ANI/SRV Media): Crazy Snacks Private Limited, over two decades old confectionery company has entered into the cake segment with layer cakes and cupcakes.

October 4, 2021


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New Delhi [India], October 4 (ANI/SRV Media): Crazy Snacks Private Limited, over two decades old confectionery company has entered into the cake segment with layer cakes and cupcakes.
With roots of operation in Gorakhpur at the time of its inception, the company has expanded its reach in other regions of Uttar Pradesh; and has been catering to the states Bihar and West Bengal. It has now emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of bread, biscuits, rusks, buns, and other confectionery items in the region and bringing happiness to more than 20 lakhs consumers daily. Crazy Snacks products are widely available across all leading stores of the city.
Navin K Agarwal, Managing Director, Crazy Snacks said, “We are delighted to introduce two variety of cakes for our customers. Our entire range of confectionery has won the hearts of lakhs of customers across Central and Eastern India. As a company, we have always believed and emphasised on giving more value proposition to the price-conscious consumer and hence, our products are nearly 30-35 percent larger than our competitors. Hence, with the launch of new product lines and enhanced production line, we will continue to deliver tasty and affordable snack options to our customers.”
Navin K Agarwal played a pivotal role in turning the fortune of Crazy Snacks, which had run into financial distress by 2002. In the ensuing years, under the able leadership of Agarwal, Crazy Snacks inducted modern technology, carried labour welfare activities and established a new plant to build the fledgling company. Focusing on the welfare of the workforce, he also introduced reasonable working hours, well-ventilated workplaces, a retirement fund and gratuity for the employees.
Now, Crazy Snacks runs more than 26 ovens, manufactures over 200 line items, employs over 1500 employees and owns a fleet of more than 50 vehicles to ensure 24×7 supply of the products with a group turnover of over INR 150 crores. The company’s new manufacturing plant with state of the art infrastructure across 1.50l square feet, Crazy Bakery Udyog is FDI approved by the Ministry of Food & Processing.
The company also received recognition from Global International Awards (Hong Kong) as the largest bakery plant of Asia in 2016. The company has also entered into export of confectionery items.
The biscuits and cookies industry in India accounts for nearly 72% of the sales in the Indian bakery market. In comparison to other baked FMCG products, the penetration of cookies and biscuits is quite high in both the urban and rural areas owing to their affordable price. Currently, India is the world’s largest biscuit-consuming nation, worth nearly USD 4.65 billion by F.Y. 2021.
The region enjoys a comparative advantage in manufacturing, with an abundant supply of primary ingredients, which supports the growth of the industry in the region. East and North India are the regions with the highest consumption rate of biscuits and cookies in the country.
When Crazy Snacks started in 1997, the confectionery market was run by several unorganized players. Hence, to break into the market, Crazy Snacks targeted demographics around people disregarded by competition and concentrated its efforts on expanding their presence in such places, particularly where logistics were readily available.
Further on, the company expanded to other parts of the country. Without compromising on the taste or quality, the company has built a place for itself in consumer’s memory and developed the ability to stay ahead of competition.
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